Japanese Red Lacquer Stationary Writing Box with Cranes June Hastings $750.00
A Japanese Aikuchi Tanto Mastromauro Japanese art EUR €2,800.00
Beautiful Japanese Ko Imari Covered Bowl 19c SANAI FINE ART & ANTIQUES $110.00
Calligraphy by Shunsui Rai, 1743 ~ 1813, mounted as a scroll. Hawkes, Asian Art £165.00
Antique, Large Buddhist Painting with Eleven-Headed Kannon. Edo Dragon's Pearl $3,000.00
OFUKE WARE DEEP PLATE t a t a m i $500.00
Antique Japanese Ko Bo Tansu (Personal Storage Chest with Locking Bar) Zentner Collection $1,750.00
Japanese Nyoi Priest's Scepter, Ruyi. 19th cent. Dragon's Pearl $1,200.00
Meido – A Japanese okimono of a Dutchman with child Mastromauro Japanese art On Request
Antique Japanese Kamidana Tansu 2 Section Keyaki Zentner Collection $1,875.00
Antique Japanese Today Tansu 1 Section Hinoki Meiji Period Zentner Collection $2,500.00
Antique Japanese Kiri Kasane Tansu 2 Section with Secret Box Zentner Collection $2,250.00
Japanese Kutani Porcelain Mother and Child Figure Zentner Collection $2,500.00
Antique Japanese Gifu Mizuya (Kitchen Chest) Persimmon Wood Accents Zentner Collection $2,750.00
Japanese Natural, Three-dimensional root wood panel Dragon's Pearl $1,000.00
Momoyama period Japanese Bizen Ko-Tsubo The Kura $1,700.00