Japanese Antique Character Boy Doll The Zentner Collection $5,000.00
Japanese doll of a high-ranked official-Edo period GALERIE GELUK Asian and Buddhist Art On Request
Japanese Gosho-Ningyo Baby Doll The Zentner Collection $675.00
A Meiji Period Japanese Gosho Doll (Gosho Ningyo) Ichiban Japanese and Oriental Antiques $225.00
19th C Japanese Banko Ware Nodder Samurai Figurine June Hastings $325.00
Rare Japanese 'IKI NINGYO' 'Living Doll' Hanlin Gallery - Oriental Art $2500.00
Fine Japanese Palace Doll, Gosho Ningyo Japanese Art Site $12,250.00
Rare 18th Century Japanese Crawling Baby Palace Doll Japanese Art Site $4,000.00
Muromachi Period Ningyo, Museum Quality and Very Rare Japanese Art Site $13,400.00
Large Japanese Meiji Period Samurai Musha Gofun Doll Japonisme Arts and Antiques On Request
Pair of Elegant 19th Century Japanese Geisha Dolls Japanese Art Site $2000.00
19th Century Fukurokuju, Japanese God of Wisdom Doll Japanese Art Site $950.00
Ushiwakamaru Ningyo, Historical Warrior as a Boy Japanese Art Site $2000.00
Very Rare Hina Kazari, Wall Decoration of Silk Dolls Japanese Art Site $3550.00
Meiji Period Hai Hai Ningyo, Japanese Crawling Doll Japanese Art Site $1350.00
Isho Ningyo Couple, Tale of the Tongue Cut Sparrow Japanese Art Site $3100.00
Antique Takeda Samurai Doll Asian Art By Kyoko Inquire
The God of Wealth and The God of Wisdom in a Sumo Match Japanese Art Site $3950.00