Exceptional Japanese Tonkotsu Sagemono, Three Wise Monkeys, Meji
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A lacquer inro with applications of metal flowers Mastromauro Japanese art EUR €2,200.00
A Japanese maki-è lacquer inro Mastromauro Japanese art EUR €900.00
A Japanese wooden inro with two compartments depicting a carp Mastromauro Japanese art EUR €1,900.00
Metal, Shell-Inlaid 3-Case Lacquer Inro Kajikawa and Goto Keijo 18/19 Tora Tori Gallery €2,500.00
A Black Lacquer 5-Case Inro by Hara Yoyusai (1772-1845) Tora Tori Gallery €2,100.00
A 4-Case Inro in Gold Lacquer Signed Kajikawa and Shibayama Tora Tori Gallery €3,400.00
5-Case Gold Lacquer Inro Tora Tori Gallery $7500.00
A 7-Case Gold Lacquer Inro Signed Kajikawa And Shunsho Tora Tori Gallery €2,300.00
A Japanese lacquer inro with six monkeys Mastromauro Japanese art EUR €5,500.00
A Japanese lacquer inro depicting two fish Mastromauro Japanese art EUR €2,900.00
Giant Inro. Roiro lacquer. Kiku Mon. Edo or Momoyama. Conservatoire Sakura $7,000.00
A Japanese refined lacquer inro Mastromauro Japanese art EUR €2,400.00
Inro With Four Cases In Lacquer Mice And Rat Rat Playing on shells Reflets des Arts €2,700.00
19c Japanese TOBACCO PIPE silver PEONY & butterflies Dmitry Levit Asian Art $150.00
Inro roiro lacquer. Decor of mountain lake. Edo 18th or earlier. Conservatoire Sakura $850.00
19c Japanese TOBACCO PIPE scholar hut Dmitry Levit Asian Art $150.00