19c Asakusa kiseruzutsu pipe case God of War KWANYU by RAKUYU Dmitry Levit Asian Art $650.00
Very Fine Gold Lacquered 3-Case Inro of Dancers Decoration Tora Tori Gallery 3700.00 Euros
2-Case Inro of a Rooster and Bamboo Decoration Tora Tori Gallery 2900.00 Euros
inro 4 cases of a wood cutter Marc Delorme €1,850.00
a round inro of an eagle Marc Delorme €2,750.00
An antique wood Tonkotsu of Monkey. Signed GYOKUSHO YABANE GALLERY $1,250.00
Exceptional Japanese Tonkotsu Sagemono, Three Wise Monkeys, Meji Ancient East $2,980.00
Japanese Burl-wood Gunpowder Flask Goto antiques $750.00
Japanese Iron Inro with Silver Inlay Helen M Edwards $690.00
Japanese bamboo kiseru pipe case t a t a m i $500.00
Japanese Tobacco Pouch with Silver Dragon Goto antiques On Request
Lovely Japanese Makie Kiseruzutsu, Pipe Case, L19c SANAI FINE ART & ANTIQUES $175.00
Unusual Japanese Tabacco Ire, Kiri Wood Tonkotsu signed Shiun SANAI FINE ART & ANTIQUES $235.00
Japanese Lacquered Inro, Gourd Netsuke & Ojime Tokugawa Antiques $400.00
Small, Signed Bunryusai Lacquer Two Compartment Inro with Tomoe Mon Spoils of Time $675.00
Japanese Silver Single Case Lotus Inro Helen M Edwards $650.00
Antique Japanese wooden pipe case and wooden tobacco sagemono Asian Ethnic Artifacts
Japanese Tobacco Pouch & Stag Antler Pipe Case Tokugawa Antiques $385.00