Miniature mask - Man, Japan Edo (1603 - 1868) Reflets des Arts €400.00
Miniature mask - Fox, Japan Edo (1603 - 1868) 19th century. Reflets des Arts €700.00
Miniature knife (Tantô), Japan Edo (1603 - 1868) 19th century. Reflets des Arts €700.00
Ivory Netsuke, Japan, 19th Century AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques €400.00
Ivory Okimono of an Arhat Tora Tori Gallery €1,300.00
Decagonal Large Cup in Silver and Shibayama by Ichiyu Koku Tora Tori Gallery €9,500.00
Ando Rokuzan - A Japanese study of a persimmon Mastromauro Japanese art EUR €2,400.00
Important Ivory Okimono - Tokyo School Tora Tori Gallery €2,600.00
A Japanese ivory and shibayama netsuke of a sparrow Mastromauro Japanese art EUR €950.00
A Japanese ivory vanitas Mastromauro Japanese art On Request
A Meiji Ivory Netsuke of Monkeys and Owl, Seigyoku Alexander E Grace £440.00
A Japanese ivory wood and shibayama tusk Mastromauro Japanese art On Request
Japanese ivory carving of mother and child Bamboo Grove $3,350.00
Japanese ivory okimono of a wood cutter Bamboo Grove $2,400.00
Japanese Miniature Okimono of a Monkey Helen M Edwards $390.00
Japanese Okimono of a Goose Helen M Edwards $390.00
Fine Pair of Decorated Ivory Buttons, Japan, 19th C. AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques €195.00
Japanese Ivory Netsuke Sennin Tora Tori Gallery € 850.00