Japanese Lacquered Pillow Headrest With Drawer Tokugawa Antiques $75.00
Japanese Meiji Soldier's Helmet 'Jingasa' Jack Nelis Asian Antiques €1,500.00
Antique Japanese Dry-Lacquer Suzuri Ink Stone The Kura $1,500.00
KASUGAJOKU - Black-lacquered ritual stand Edo 19c t a t a m i $750.00
Japanese gold-foiled lacquer tray 19th century t a t a m i $300.00
Superbly crafted Meiji periodBlack Lacquered Hitsu Trunk The Kura $1,500.00
lacquered fan box Marc Delorme €850.00
wooden lacquered cup on stand Marc Delorme €750.00
japanese export lacquer plate 17th Marc Delorme On Request
17th jubako from the collection of Mike and Hiroko Dean Marc Delorme On Request
Antique Japanese Katana Kake Sword Stand The Kura $2,200.00
Antique Smoking Set made of Katana Saya Sword Scabbards The Kura $1,800.00
Rare Pair of Silver Vases and Inlaid Shibayama by Masatsugu Tora Tori Gallery 28000.00 Euros
Japanese black lacquer temple altar vase Edo 19c t a t a m i $750.00
Edo p. Wooden Arm Rest w/ Maki-e Royal Crest The Kura $650.00
Set 3 Nesting Trays by, Kamisaka Sekka/Imao Keinen/Takeuchi Seiho The Kura $1,500.00
Antique Japanese Lacquer 40 pc. Set Decorated w/ Feathers The Kura $2,400.00
Japanese Lacquer Artisan's Bowl, S Goto antiques