Antique Japanese Lacquered Sake Stand The Kura $395.00
Antique Japanese Kadai Lacquer Table with Maki-e Designs The Kura $425.00
Meiji-Taisho Period Maki-e Lacquer Chabako Meiji Bijutsu On Request
Set Antique Japanese Lacquer Boxes, Shishi Lions & Cub The Kura $1,650.00
Japanese Makie Incense Container Goto antiques On Request
Japanese Meiji Period Lacquer and Mixed Metal Inlaid Jewelry Box The Zentner Collection $7,500.00
Japanese Lacquer Artisan's Bowl Goto antiques On Request
Japanese lacquerer's bowl Edo period t a t a m i On Request
Rare Gold and Silver Jubako Tora Tori Gallery € 5,900.00
A Lacquered Shodana Tora Tori Gallery $4,900.00
Lacquered Kogo of a Pavilion on a Rock Tora Tori Gallery $1,900.00
Gold Lacquer Tray in Shibayama Style - Signed Kozan Tora Tori Gallery $8,500.00
Gold Lacquer tray of a Landscape Tora Tori Gallery
Gold Lacquer Writing Box - Sekiguchi Shuho Tora Tori Gallery
Late 19th C., A Pair of Japanese Keyaki Lacquered Hibachi Vessels $1,670.00
Early 20th C., Showa, Large Japanese Keyaki Lacquered Hibachi Vessel $2,000.00
Edo Period Maki-e Lacquer Writing Table by Koma Kansai Meiji Bijutsu On Request
A fine Lacquered Bamboo Brush Pot Tora Tori Gallery $2,900.00