Japanese Ivory String Musical instrument Player Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $175.00
Antique Japanese Carving of Pekinese Dog The Zentner Collection $1,000.00
Japanese Meiji Ivory Carving Young Girl Geisha Bijan The Incurable Collector $175.00
Antique Japanese Fushimi Clay Kabuki Samurai Figures Kodo Arts $450.00
Bronze incense container made by Shigeyosi Mitani Yumekoubou On Request
Antique Japanese Erotic Art Otafuku Edo Tomoe Art $1,860.00
Unique, kawai natural root sculpture-okimono of a hare Dragon's Pearl $1,200.00
$ 1,200
Antique Japanese Bronze Tea Ceremony Flower Vase C.1915 Kodo Arts $880.00
Antique Japanese Dog Fushimi Doll The Zentner Collection $375.00
Antique Japanese Ceramic Monkey Okimono/Incense Burner Kodo Arts $880.00
Antique Japanese Bronze Egret Koro Incense Burner Kodo Arts $995.00
Japanese Carved Boxwood Mino-Kame Turtle Japanese Art Site $2700.00
Antique Japanese Mixed Metal Quail, Signed Seifu Kodo Arts $880.00
Japanese Meiji Period Boxwood Dove signed Ryoshun The Zentner Collection $5,000.00
Fine C19th Cent Ivory Okimono of an Elephant-Signed Ancient Asia Arts and Antiquities $320.00
Fine Japanese 19th C Okimono -Man Catching Fish - Signed Ancient Asia Arts and Antiquities $285.00
Fine Japanese Ivory Okimono of Shoki & Oni, Meiji Ancient East $1,975.00
Superb boxwood okimono of an eagle. Signed IKKO Dragon's Pearl $1,100.00