Japanese Edo Period Scroll Painting by Tani Buncho The Zentner Collection
Teiten Exhibited Oil Painting by Kaneko Tamotsu, 1920 The Kura On Request
Set of Six Edo Period Paintings Meiji Bijutsu On Request
Edo Period Painting Meiji Bijutsu On Request
Antique Japanese Signed Shounsai 6 Panel Peacock Screen Kodo Arts On Request
BLACK COW - Japanese Ema votive wooden plaque Edo period hotoke antiques $200.00
Shunga album, erotic paintings, attr. Tomioka Eisen, Japan, Meiji era Welcome To Another Century P.o.r.
Japanese 6-Panel Screen of a Procession Tora Tori Gallery $25,000.00
Rare Meiji p.Sino Japanese War Screen, Battle for Pyongyang The Kura On Request
Antique Japanese Gold Screen, Mt. Fuji by Kishi Ganku The Kura On Request
Antique Japanese Scroll Painting of Birds The Zentner Collection $850.00
Antique Japanese Bird Scroll Painting The Zentner Collection $125.00
18th Century Japanese Zenga Horse Scroll The Zentner Collection $850.00
Iris and Cranes in a Stream by Okamoto Shuki (1807 - 1862) Kyoto Ceramics and Fine Art $1,875.00
Enso Scroll by by Buddhist Priest Sohan Gempo (Shoun) The Kura $650.00
Double Gourd Dragon Zenga by Priest Sohan Gempo (Shoun) The Kura $600.00
Sketchbook of Otowa Mamoru 1899-1902 t a t a m i $300.00
Edo Period Painting signed Kumagai Harunobu Meiji Bijutsu $2,380.00