Japanese Swords, Fittings and Related Items

The Japanese sword (nihontō, 日本刀) has been called "the soul of the Samurai". It is both a beautiful work of art and a collectible, historical edged weapon. Katana (long swords), wakizashi (short swords), and tanto (daggers) from the Muromachi, Edo, and later periods are offered for sale, as are sword accessories including tsuba, menuki, fuchi-kashira, and katana-kake.
Maedate, Shishi in embossed copper.
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A Sadashige Wakizashi Muromachi Period (1333-1573) Tora Tori Gallery €8,700.00
maedate in a form of a hammer Delorme.Antique sarl €450.00
Antique Samurai Ammunition Box Hinoki (Cypress) Family Crest Edo Era Zentner Collection $3,500.00
A Rare Rai Kunitoshi Tanto Muromachi Period (1333-1573) Tora Tori Gallery €16,000.00
Kozuka Choki capturing Oni mixed metal Conservatoire Sakura $2,200.00
Kozuka shibuichi and mixed metal. Shoki the daymon hunter Conservatoire Sakura $2,200.00
Kozuka iron with paddle wheels in brass and silver. Conservatoire Sakura $800.00
Iron Kozuka inlay with brass lobster Conservatoire Sakura $800.00
Kozuka in copper gilded. Lobster Conservatoire Sakura $120.00
Kozuka cockfighting and lady. Conservatoire Sakura $1,400.00
Kozuka representing pumpkins Conservatoire Sakura $250.00
Japanese Antique Bellow Fuigo Sword Maker's Tool Meiji Era Zentner Collection $550.00
Katana kake 3 blades Tora Tori Gallery €3,400.00
Large Japanese Antique Tsuba (Sword Guard) with Sea Shells Zentner Collection $550.00
Japanese Antique Tsuba (Sword Guard) with Waves Zentner Collection $350.00
Pair 18c Japanese sword MYNAH BIRDS on prunus Dmitry Levit Asian Art $350.00