Japanese Swords, Fittings and Related Items

The Japanese sword (nihontō, 日本刀) has been called "the soul of the Samurai". It is both a beautiful work of art and a collectible, historical edged weapon. Katana (long swords), wakizashi (short swords), and tanto (daggers) from the Muromachi, Edo, and later periods are offered for sale, as are sword accessories including tsuba, menuki, fuchi-kashira, and katana-kake.

A 62 Japanese black lacquered plates kabuto Tora Tori Gallery €5,800.00
Rare maedate in the shape of a phoenix in embossed metals Conservatoire Sakura $7,500.00
ICHIMONJIGASA t a t a m i $350.00
Tsuba Namban style.Exceptionnal quality. Conservatoire Sakura $3,500.00
Namban tsuba dragon and pearl Conservatoire Sakura $700.00
Exceptionnaly large iron tsuba. Nitan killing the Boar. Conservatoire Sakura $2,200.00
Tsuba in shakudo and gold. Basket and flowers. Conservatoire Sakura $2,500.00
Cut iron tsuba. Misterious Motif Conservatoire Sakura $500.00
Shakudo tsuba inlay with gold bu Yoshiaki Conservatoire Sakura On Request
Iron tsuba Soten style gold inlay. Conservatoire Sakura $850.00
Tsuba iron inlaid solid gold. Jo and Uba Conservatoire Sakura $1,700.00
Japanese Antique Gunpai, Samurai General's War Fan Zentner Collection $2,200.00
Tosei Gusoku Samourai Armour Edo 18th Century Tora Tori Gallery €35,000.00