Japanese Swords, Fittings and Related Items

The Japanese sword (nihontō, 日本刀) has been called "the soul of the Samurai". Embodying the essense of the Samurai caste, it is as much a beautiful, technically excellent work of art as it is also a highly collectible, historical edged weapon. Hundreds of listings including katana (long swords), wakizashi (short swords) and tanto (daggers) from the Muromachi, Edo and later periods are available here for purchase from dozens of sellers. Sword accessories and furnishings including tsuba, menuki, fuchi-kashira, katana-kake and more are also offered for sale.

Japanese Cast Iron Tsuba with Inlays of Wisteria 19th Century Bear and Raven Antiques $550.00
Antique Tobacco Set of Katana Saya Sword Scabbards The Kura $800.00
Museum Exhibited Outlandish Edo p Kaga Samurai Armor The Kura On Request
17/18c Japanese sword tsuba Fukurokuju Tengu mask by TOSHINAGA Dmitry Levit Asian Art $850.00
19c Japanese sword kashira TIGER SHISHI KIRIN Dmitry Levit Asian Art $300.00
19c Japanese sword KASHIRA running wild BOAR Dmitry Levit Asian Art $250.00
19c Japanese sword KASHIRA FISH & seaweed Dmitry Levit Asian Art $225.00
Katana Attribution Echizen Tsuguhira Shinto + 2 NBTHK Tora Tori Gallery 6900.00 Euros
Aikuchi Tanto Shinto Period Tora Tori Gallery 4300.00 Euros
Japanese Antique Flask Gunpowder Case with Beautiful Urushi GALLERY TSUMUGI $500.00
Black Lacquered Reisei Menpo Tora Tori Gallery 2900.00 Euros
Antique Japanese Wakizashi Samurai Sword in Exquisite Mounts The Kura $4,500.00
Tanto Koto in Shirasaya - Akihiro (1363) Tora Tori Gallery 2900.00 Euros
Namban Tsuba Japanese Sword Guard Asian Export Oldfields Gallery $450.00
Shakudo Tsuba, Japan, Edo Period AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques €500.00
Japanese Antique Pair of Abumi (Stirrups) The Zentner Collection $3,750.00
Momoyama Period Tanto signed Sukemune Meiji Bijutsu $3,800.00
Edo Period Marugata Tsuba signed Mogarashi Soten NBTHK Meiji Bijutsu $890.00