Japanese Swords, Fittings and Related Items

The Japanese sword (nihontō, 日本刀) has been called "the soul of the Samurai". It is both a beautiful work of art and a collectible, historical edged weapon. Katana (long swords), wakizashi (short swords), and tanto (daggers) from the Muromachi, Edo, and later periods are offered for sale, as are sword accessories including tsuba, menuki, fuchi-kashira, and katana-kake.

Maedate, Shishi in embossed copper. Conservatoire Sakura On Request
TSUBA - Shinto Headdress Kanmuri Oikake Japon Edo 18th Reflets des Arts €1,200.00
19c Japanese sword KOZUKA NIO Temple Guardian signed Dmitry Levit Asian Art $325.00
19c sentoku Japanese sword KOZUKA SCHOLAR & attendant under bamboo Dmitry Levit Asian Art $295.00
19c Japanese sword KOZUKA SHELLS Dmitry Levit Asian Art $350.00
19c Japanese sword KOZUKA monkey trainer by HAMANO HOZUI Dmitry Levit Asian Art $425.00
19c Japanese sword KOZUKA DRAGON in clouds Dmitry Levit Asian Art $410.00
Kozuka in shibuichi carved from boy and goose gold inlaid. Conservatoire Sakura $3,500.00
kozuka in shakudo inlaid Cage and cricket.Edo period. Conservatoire Sakura $350.00
Kozuka in sentoku inlaid with buterflies in gold and silver Conservatoire Sakura $250.00
Shinto O-Tanto by Hiroyoshi Tora Tori Gallery €8,900.00
Fushi en shakudo incrusté d'or et de sentoku.Edo.Signé. Conservatoire Sakura $2,000.00
a copper tsuba with crows on branch under the moon Delorme.Antique sarl €1,250.00
Tsuba shakudo thousand flowers in gold silver and sentoku Conservatoire Sakura $6,500.00
Tsuba sentoku shakudo or argent .Oni hunt signed Jo I Conservatoire Sakura $3,600.00
Japanese Antique Jingasa, Samurai's Hat with Kikusui Mon Zentner Collection $950.00
Japanese war fan in Iron. Signed Conservatoire Sakura $2,500.00