Antique Japanese Carved Wood Tray Bamboo Poem Antiquarian Art Co. $175.00
Japanese Antique Woodblock Print Books of Gesaku Late Edo GALLERY TSUMUGI Pending
Japanese Cedar wood Writer's Box with Black Iron Hardware Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $225.00
Unique Japanese Burl Brush Container The Zentner Collection $3,600.00
Japanese Edo Wood Temple Carving of Baku The Zentner Collection $2,250.00
Wood carving Ebisu and Daikoku in zushi shrine altar t a t a m i $800.00
Beautiful Japanese Antique Burl Wood Usubata (Ikebana Container) The Zentner Collection $1,850.00
Japanese Children Playing Woodblock Print by Keisai Eisen, Late Edo June Hastings $450.00
Wooden vase made of Kamakura lumber remnant t a t a m i $500.00
Antique Japanese Root Burlwood Stand The Zentner Collection $1,450.00
Japanese Signed Genko Wood Carving of Two Frogs The Zentner Collection $2,650.00
Antique Japanese Woodblock Print by Hayashi Tei The Zentner Collection $350.00
Antique Japanese Framed Surimono Print of a Court Lady The Zentner Collection $350.00
Wooden Fudo-Myo Nagarebutsu late-Heian/Kamakura 12~13 c. Antique Stones Japan On Request
Antique Japanese Zitan Banana Leaf Tray The Zentner Collection $3,500.00
Japanese Natural Wood Hibachi & Trivet Tokugawa Antiques $175.00
Japanese wood carving Myoo statue Muromachi period t a t a m i $1,500.00
Japanese Andon Wooden Lantern, Candle Tokugawa Antiques $200.00