Antique Japanese Works of Art

Antique Japanese decorative arts from the Meiji and Edo periods and before. Select from thousands of ceramics listings including porcelain, stoneware and earthenware pottery. Other leading categories include kimono and other textiles, netsuke and okimono, Meiji and other metalwork, tansu and other furniture, cloisonne, and scroll paintings. Some specialty categories are fine lacquer, Buddhist sculpture, woodblock prints, samurai swords and tea articles.

Rare Seto Tenmoku Glaze Jurojin Okimono The Kura $220.00
Heian-Kamakura p. Yama Chawan Tea Bowl The Kura $600.00
Antique Japanese Koishiwara Mingei Dish Set. 5 pcs The Kura $265.00
Edo p. Japanese Chawan Tea Bowl with Gold Repair The Kura $775.00
Japanese antique beautiful katazome taisyo-sarasa cotton furoshiki Japanese Antique & Textile saiyuu2 $180.00
wooden netsuke depicting 4 karako of 2 Marc Delorme €800.00
Ama ,diving girl early 19th c Marc Delorme On Request
wooden iron of a stone lifter Marc Delorme €1,700.00
18th c netsuke of a dutchman on elephant Marc Delorme On Request
Okimono of a rat Marc Delorme €1,100.00
Antique Japanese Noren Curtain The Kura $500.00
samurai armor 16 th century Marc Delorme On Request
exceptional pair of stirrups Marc Delorme On Request
japanese samurai armor Marc Delorme On Request
6cases inro Marc Delorme €1,300.00
inro with bird on plum tree Marc Delorme €1,300.00
Japanese E. 20th Century Bronze Peacock Okimono by Tsuda Shinobu Oriental Treasure Box $4,500.00
A Rare Masterpiece by Imperial Court Artist Suwa Sozan Kyoto Ceramics and Fine Art On Request