A Japanese Arita porcelain Kakiemon style dish, circa 1720~1750 Hawkes, Asian Art £140.00
Hanging scroll, Shaka Nyorai, Fugen and Monju bosatsu, Japan 19th c. Welcome To Another Century Inquire
A Japanese painting on silk by Mizuta Chikuho, 1883~1958. Hawkes, Asian Art £275.00
Fine Antique Japanese Ship Safe Box (Fune Bako) Dragon's Pearl $1,150.00
Antique Japanese Carving of a Figure with Axe The Zentner Collection $450.00
Antique Japanese Small Blue and White Water Dropper The Zentner Collection $150.00
Antique Japanese Two Panel Screen of Swimming Carp The Zentner Collection $8,000.00
Antique Japanese Two Panel Calligraphy Screen The Zentner Collection On Request
Satsuma geometric vase, Meiji Global Ceramics $100.00
Pair of Japanese wine cups, Edo, c 1700 Global Ceramics $110.00
HANAKAGO - Japanese bamboo-woven flower basket t a t a m i $250.00
Japanese Antique Gilt Copper Temple Lantern The Zentner Collection $1,000.00
Japanese Bronze Scroll Weight of a Sleeping Dog, Signed Helen M Edwards $340.00
Japanese Iron Inro with Silver Inlay Helen M Edwards $690.00
Japanese Wooden Netsuke of a Man Resting on a Teabox Helen M Edwards $360.00
A Japanese painting by Shimazaki Ryūu, 1865 ~ 1937 Hawkes, Asian Art £450.00
A Japanese Painting by Imao Keinen, 1854~1924. Signed & inscribed box. Hawkes, Asian Art £275.00
MASK OF WOMAN - Japanese wood carving Noh mask t a t a m i $200.00