Korean Antique White Porcelain Moon Vase Zentner Collection On Request
Rare and Grand Joseon Dynasty Eight-Panel Chaekgeori Still-Life Screen Korean Art and Antiques $20,000.00
An Ancient Korean Celadon Vase with Gold Repairs Kyoto Ceramics and Fine Art $15,000.00
Only Pair of Enlightened Saints Paintings Ever Offered, 18th Century Korean Art and Antiques $15,000.00
Unique and Rare Red, Brown and White Porcelain Jar Korean Art and Antiques $11,000.00
Rare Large Joseon Dynasty 19th Century Korean Medicine Chest, Yakjang Korean Art and Antiques $10,000.00
Fine, Rare Eight-Panel Painting by Revered Korean Artist Kim Eung Won Korean Art and Antiques $9,500.00
Very Fine and Rare Korean Goryeo Dynasty Inlaid Celadon Cosmetic Box Korean Art and Antiques $9,000.00
Rare 19th Century Korean Tiger and Magpies Painting in Great Condition Korean Art and Antiques $9,000.00
Large Antique Wooden Korean Wedding Goose inscribed with the year 1892 Korean Art and Antiques $9,000.00
Korean Shell Inlaid Nong Cabinet with Birds and Fish Zentner Collection $8,000.00
Korean Antique Porcelain Blue and White Dragon Vase Zentner Collection $8,000.00
Rare and Fine Dokseong Painting from renowned Charles J Chu Collection Korean Art and Antiques $7,500.00
Antique Korean Pair of Stone Guardian Statues Zentner Collection $7,000.00
A Korean celadon, melon form, ewer; Goryeo dynasty Alexander E Grace Ltd £7,000.00
Antique Korean Silk Panel Painting of Peonies Zentner Collection $6,000.00
Antique Korean Silk Panel Painting of Peonies Zentner Collection $6,000.00
Pr. Korean Scholar Chests "Mungap", Burlwood front & White Brass Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $5,250.00