Antique Traditional Korean Bass Drum of Wood and Animal Hide Korean Art and Antiques $300.00
Very Fine/Rare Pair of Papier Marche Wedding Ducks Harubang Antiques $1,700.00
Rare/Magnificent 12 Panel Mt Diamond “Geum Gang San Harubang Antiques On Hold
Korean Zelkova Rice Measure Silk Road Gallery $325.00
Antique Korean carved woodblock textile stencil Asian Ethnic Artifacts
Very Rare Bamboo Tea Caddy/Incised Poems/Dancing Harubang Antiques $2,200.00
Charming Antique Korean Hanji Paper Art Sewing Box Korean Art and Antiques $100.00
Antique Korean wooden serving tray signed Asian Ethnic Artifacts
Rare/Fine Total Paper Marche 3 Stacking Sewing Boxes Harubang Antiques $2,200.00
A Rare Jewelry Box in Shape of Blanket Chest/White Brass-19th C. Harubang Antiques Sold
Korean Silver and Brass Inlaid Tobacco Box Han Collection Sold
Quiver Han Collection Sold
Large Fine/Rare Hae-Tae Shaped Wood Carved Canddle Stick Stand Harubang Antiques Sold
Rare/Fine Set of 3 Silk Ornamental Pendant with Jades Harubang Antiques Sold
Very Rare and Large Wood Carved Wedding Goose Harubang Antiques Sold
Very Rare and Fine Soapstone Octagonal Brush Pot Harubang Antiques Sold
A Beautiful Scholar’s Persimmon Wood Ink-Stone Box Harubang Antiques Sold
A Large and Finely Carved Korean Bamboo Brush Pot-19th Harubang Antiques Sold