Silver inlaid square box Han Collection Sold
Korean Silver Inlaid Tobacco Box Han Collection Sold
Silver Inlaid Brazier Han Collection Sold
Beautiful Rare Silver and Coral Eunjangdo with Very Fine Floral Design Korean Art and Antiques Sold
Rare and Exquisite Joseon Dynasty Silver Phoenix Hair Pin and Brooch Korean Art and Antiques Sold
Very Heavy/Large/Fine Octagonal Bronze Brazier/Incised Deco.- Harubang Antiques Sold
18th Century Japanese Bronze Mirror with Turtle and Cranes The Zentner Collection Sold
A Very Fine Iron Silver Inlaid Rectangular Box-19th C. Harubang Antiques Sold
A Very Rare and Finely Silver Inlaid Iron Incense Burner Harubang Antiques Sold
Rare Silver Inlaid with Symbols of Longevity Box/Cover Harubang Antiques Sold
Very Rare/Finely Silver Inlaid Iron Incense Burner-19th Harubang Antiques Sold
Rare/Fine Authentic 3 Horse Bronze Warrant (Ma-Pae): Harubang Antiques Sold
Rare/Fine Silver Inlaid Hexagonal Iron Box-19th C Harubang Antiques Sold
Very Rare Collection of Prehistoric Korean Swords, etc. Korean Art and Antiques Sold
Korean Sword with Insignia on the Blade Korean Art and Antiques Sold
19th Century Korean Sword Korean Art and Antiques Sold
Genuine Old Korean Shaman's Bells for Summoning Spirits Korean Art and Antiques Sold
A Korean silver inlaid tobacco box. 19th century. david baker oriental art Sold