Korean Antique Textile Pojagi made of Figured Silk Fragments GALLERY TSUMUGI $380.00
A Pair of Two Fine Korean Crane Civilian Official Badges (흉배)-19th C Harubang Antiques $1,900.00
A Fine Pair of Korean Civilian Official Rank Badges-19th Harubang Antiques $1,700.00
Korean Antique Textile Asa Pojagi Wrappig Cloth White Beige GALLERY TSUMUGI $280.00
Rare Japanese Saddle Pad covered in Korean Cloth The Kura $2,500.00
A Fine and Rare Korean Civil Rank Badge(흉배-Hyungbae)-19th C. Harubang Antiques $1,300.00
Rare/Fine Woman’s Trasitional Ceremonial Costume “Wosam” Harubang Antiques Please contact us for pricing
Very Rare Joseon Dynasty Child's Jacket (Jeogori) Korean Art and Antiques $450.00
Japanese Antique Textile Cotton Kumano-zome Cloth-2 GALLERY TSUMUGI $150.00
Fine and Beautifully Embroidered 19th Century Korean Ironing Board Korean Art and Antiques $600.00
Deluxe Pair of Finely Embroidered 19th Century Korean Pillow Ends Korean Art and Antiques $600.00
Japanese Woven Textile Of Ebisu and Daikoku The Zentner Collection $2,500.00
Embroidered Panel with Idyllic and Symbolic Scenery Korean Art and Antiques $100.00
Pair of Embroidered Pillow Ends w/ Happy Peacock Family Korean Art and Antiques $300.00
Pillow Ends Pair w/ Long Life and Happiness Characters Korean Art and Antiques $250.00
Antique Embroidered Pillow End w/ Happy Peacock Family Korean Art and Antiques $200.00
Framed Embroidered Pillow End with Symbols of Love Korean Art and Antiques $200.00
Korean Pillow Embroidered with Peonies and Butterflies Korean Art and Antiques $200.00