Large Khmer Cambodian Carved Stone Frieze Fragment - 12th or 13th C Bear and Raven Antiques $595.00
Alloy Tibetan Buddha The Buddha Gallery On Request
Bronze Indonesian Dorge The Buddha Gallery On Request
Bronze Tibetan Bodhisattva The Buddha Gallery On Request
19th Century, A Set of Burmese Bronze Gongs with Stand $850.00
10th Century, Khmer Pottery Water Pot $1,200.00
Thai Bronze Age Stone Bracelet Abhaya Asian Antiques $250.00
Khmer Vase Abhaya Asian Antiques $150.00
Khmer Jar Abhaya Asian Antiques $150.00
Museum quality South East Asian Buddhist Sandstone frieze! Senatus Consulto $1,950.00
A Pair of Burmese Wooden Fans with Gilded Gold and Glass $1,200.00
19th Century, Mandalay, Burmese Wooden Seated Buddha $5,000.00
14th Century, RARE Sukhothai Bronze Seated Buddha $20,000.00
17th Century, Shan, RARE Burmese Bronze Seated Crowned Buddha $8,340.00
16th Century, Shan, Burmese Bronze Seated Buddha with Gilded Gold
Ancient Jadeite Jade Pendant 100-500 BC JJ Oriental $375.00
Beautiful Burmese pagan pottery amulet or tablet, pre 19th. century Senatus Consulto $75.00
Burmese Lacqerware Food Container #1 - 19th Century JJ Oriental $675.00