Akha Bamboo Cups Abhaya Asian Antiques $170.00
Vietnamese 15th Century Blue & White Bowl BRIAN PAGE ORIENTAL ART £220.00
Bronze Phra Malai statue visiting a Buddhist hell, Rattanakosin period GALERIE GELUK Asian and Buddhist Art On Request
Lisu Lacquer Box Abhaya Asian Antiques $150.00
Iban Pottery Mold Abhaya Asian Antiques $120.00
Timor Ancestor Statue Abhaya Asian Antiques $150.00
Thai bronze figure of the seated Buddha , 18th.-19th. century Senatus Consulto $795.00
Extremely rare Khmer rituals bronze figural dagger w godess Uma! Senatus Consulto $2,500.00
Tai Daeng Blanket Abhaya Asian Antiques $250.00
Karen Ritual Rice Sickle Abhaya Asian Antiques $175.00
Fine Early Thai standing bronze figure of buddha 15th.-16th. cent. AD Senatus Consulto $495.00
Massive 21 cm mounted Cambodia Khmer silver mirror, c. 12th. cent. AD Senatus Consulto $695.00
Rare Antique Philippine Barong Sword with Inlaid Scabbard Zentner Collection $4,000.00
Antique Gilt Bronze Standing Buddha Thailand 19th Century Rattanakosin Antiquarian Art Co. $875.00