Rare Chinese Three Drawer Blackwood Hongmu Table-19th Century JJ Oriental $15,000.00
Amber tone 19th Century Agate Snuff Bottle The Beantree Collection $980.00
Lovely Qing Dynasty Jade Figure The Beantree Collection $525.00
Stone Standing Sho-Kannon Bosatsu Bodhisattva Mid-Edo 18th c. Antique Stones Japan $1,600.00
19c inro (no netsuke) BOY SHISHI BUTTERFLIES by NAGATAKE Dmitry Levit Asian Art $795.00
19c Japanese lacquer INRO (no netsuke) SCHOLARS Dmitry Levit Asian Art $450.00
Sandstone statue of Vishnu GALERIE GELUK Asian and Buddhist Art On Request
Qing era jade carving of bat n coin Asian Works of Art Gallery Please ask
Chinese Jade tortoise Asian Works of Art Gallery Please ask
Shoushan Stone Carving Abhaya Asian Antiques $490.00
1287 Rare Antique Tibetan Buddhist Silver Ghau - Rare Organic Inlay WOVENSOULS USD $1,800.00
Ancient Blue Glass Earring - Southeast Asia 100BC JJ Oriental $375.00
Antique Japanese Nabeshima Dish with Birds Zentner Collection $2,000.00
Qing Dynasty Jade horse Asian Works of Art Gallery Please ask
Song Style Celadon Longquan Twin Fish Vase Asian Works of Art Gallery please enquire
Japanese Silk Seal Antler Netsuke Helen M Edwards $990.00
Japanese Iron Tea Kettle Tetsubin Zentner Collection $1,250.00