Antique Persian Bow.
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Antique Persian Molded Pottery Tile w. Animals, Qajar. Galerie Hafner $330.00
shipping included
Persian Qajar Pottery Tile with Young Nobleman, 19th C. Galerie Hafner $480.00
shipping included
Nishapur Pottery Bowl Abhaya Asian Antiques $280.00
Antique Persian Bow. Meiji Bijutsu $1,280.00
RARE LARGE 16th CENTURY TURKISH IZNIK TILE Oldbailey Antiques $2,495.00
Sasanian Bronze Prancing Lion Griffin Gallery Ancient Art $1,500.00
Iron Age II Israelite Pottery Wine Amphora Griffin Gallery Ancient Art $1,500.00
An Antique Persian Qajar Fritware Plate with Bird. Galerie Hafner $210.00
shipping included
An Antique Persian Qajar Pottery Saucer w. Calligraphy, Dated. Galerie Hafner $250.00
shipping included
Two Persian Qajar Blue & White Fritware Plates, One Dated. Galerie Hafner $340.00
shipping included
Large Antique Persian Ceramic Tile with Birds and Roses. Galerie Hafner $540.00
shipping included
Antique 18th Century Turkish Ottoman K├╝tahya Islamic Ceramic Tile Hundred and One Antiques $380.00
Antique Medieval Islamic Mamluk Blue & White Ceramic Jar 14 Century Hundred and One Antiques $1,800.00
Antique 18th c Islamic Persian Safavid Turquoise Glazed Ceramic Hookah Hundred and One Antiques $450.00
Antique Islamic Turkmen Uzbek Turquoise Inlaid Chlorite Stone Teapot Hundred and One Antiques $1,800.00
Persian Glazed Pottery Bowl; 12th C. Coins and Antiques Gallery $1,750.00
Persian cobalt blue / iron brown glazed jar William-Cozart, Inc. $175.00
19th C. Persian Porcelain Hookah. Coins and Antiques Gallery $4,850.00