Tibetan Silk Alter Cloths Chakra Asian Art $1,200.00
Embroidered silk lion Chakra Asian Art $1,200.00
Thai Antique Bronze Seated Buddha, Ayutthaya Kingdom Zentner Collection $2,500.00
Chinese Antique Zitan Wood Palace Lantern Wings Asian Art Gallery $7,000.00
a senufo figure archaic style galerie Cecile Kerner €1,800.00
Chinese Antique Jade Tree With Cloisonne Pot Qing Dynasty Wings Asian Art Gallery $450.00
Antique Painted Wooden Box, Punjab Province Zentner Collection $165.00
Rare Byzantine Pylochrome textile w nude figures, 5th.-7th. cent. AD Senatus Consulto $195.00
Fine Roman glass amphoriskos, ca. 1st. century AD. Senatus Consulto $450.00
Egyptian Turquoise Glazed Shabti 19th-20th Dynasty, 1295-1077 BC Senatus Consulto $450.00
A Tausug Tapestry Silk Sash Fragment, Sulu Philippines No. 2 Galerie Hafner $800.00
shipping included
Canosan Floral Plate, around 350 BC Ostracon Ancient Art $650.00
Daunian Plate with Geometric Design, around 350 BC Ostracon Ancient Art $420.00
Greek South Italian Incense Burner, Messapian, 4th Century BC Ostracon Ancient Art $380.00