Antique Chinese robe's silk embroidered 5-claw dragon brocade, 18th C ACENATOR ASIAN ANTIQUES $1,380.00
Japanese Antique Wide Bamboo Ikebana Basket with Copper insert Zentner Collection $350.00
Japanese Antique Maki-e Lacquer Hibachi with Irises and Hydrangeas Zentner Collection $1,000.00
2 Shishi - wood carving lions. Coll. Gillot. Japon Edo 17th Reflets des Arts €3,600.00
Japanese lacquer incense box Japan Edo Reflets des Arts €1,900.00
Eizan Kikugawa PRINT series of five courtesans Japan Edo 19th Reflets des Arts €1,200.00
Print by EIZAN Two women ‘Oban bijinga’ Japan EDO early 19th Reflets des Arts €1,100.00
Suzuribako Japanese lacquer Toba on his mule. School of Ogawa Haritsu Reflets des Arts €4,500.00
Print by Utaqawa Shigenobu, Hiroshige II. The Tsukiji Monzeki temple Reflets des Arts €1,400.00
Takigara-Ire Japanese urushi lacquer box. Japan, Edo Reflets des Arts €1,900.00
Kôgô circular japanese lacquer box for incense Reflets des Arts €2,200.00
Tsuba Gold flowers, and foliage medallions, Japan Edo 18th century Reflets des Arts €1,000.00
Tsuba Bridge, flowers, and foliage. Japan 17th Edo century Reflets des Arts €1,600.00
Kôgô Small urushi lacquer instruments boxes, Japan Edo 18th century Reflets des Arts €1,600.00
Gilt Wood Guanyin, Ming Dynasty. Jack Nelis Asian and Tribal Art €1,850.00
Chinese Song Dynasty Yaozhou Celadon Foliated Bowl GuYi Asian Art and Antiques $3,500.00
Chinese Song Dynasty Tortoiseshell Glaze Ewer Perfect Condition GuYi Asian Art and Antiques $6,000.00