SOBAN t a t a m i $600.00
Stone Jizo Bosatsu Bodhisattva mid-Edo Period ca. 1750 Antique Stones Japan $900.00
Jian Bowl with Russet Splash 建窯 Abhaya Asian Antiques $350.00
Ancient Chinese Eaves Roof Tiles 南北朝 Abhaya Asian Antiques $200.00
Pair of French Louis XV Fauteil Chairs carved Walnut and brocade silk L'Enfant Gallery $5,400.00
Nice German salt glazed stoneware jug, Westerwald, ca. 1800-1840 AD. Senatus Consulto $195.00
Wood Sea Chest, Japan Edo 19th Century Reflets des Arts €900.00
Egyptian Ex-Voto with Rat and Mice, Published 1921, 1st-3rd Century AD Ostracon Ancient Art $1,250.00
Egyptian Mother with Teething Child, Published 1921, 200-250 AD Ostracon Ancient Art $880.00
Greek Terracotta Head of a Woman, 3rd-2nd Century BC Ostracon Ancient Art $160.00
Miao Embroidered Panel Abhaya Asian Antiques $120.00
Xiwangmu: Mother Goddess of the West 西王母 Abhaya Asian Antiques $230.00
Akha Bone Hair Pins Abhaya Asian Antiques $90.00