Chinese Pao Tao Peking Rug w/ Deer and Crane Zentner Collection $3,600.00
Antique South American Silver Mug with Snake Handle C 1850 Nelson & Nelson Antiques $315.00
Chinese Pao Tao Peking Rug w/ Deer & Crane Zentner Collection $2,700.00
Art Nouveau Bronze Hand Mirror Cherub Antiques Gallery $690.00
Amish type antique cloth toy dog straw stuffed glass eyes Country and Shaker Antiques $145.00
Pair of Louis XVI Bronze Chenets, 3rd q 18th C. SUSQUEHANNA Antique Company, Inc. $760.00
Chinese Red Lacquered Leather Box - 19th Century JJ Oriental $350.00
Chinese 19th Century Rug with Deer and Crane Zentner Collection $2,700.00
Chinese Pao Tao Peking Rug w/ Phoenix & Wutong Tree Zentner Collection $4,200.00
Chinese 18th Century Large Monochrome Porcelain Vase Zentner Collection $1,500.00
Himalayan Tibetan Portable Flintlock Container Zentner Collection $475.00
A Cizhou ware bowl with tortoishell glaze. Southern Song Dynasty. david baker oriental art $4,500.00
A Chinese sang de boeuf vase circa 1800. david baker oriental art $1,000.00
Interesting Antique Chinese Top Horse Saddle Rug or Seating Mat. Galerie Hafner $670.00
shipping included
A brown glazed Honan type Cizhou teabowl. david baker oriental art $1,500.00