All Items : Archives : Pre 1970 item #1344775 (stock #162510)
Antonio Pineda correctly signed as shown with great heft at 110 grams. You can see instantly that this is something special. 2.25 inches tall and a natural patina are just a few elements that describe it's beauty. No damage with obvious superb care given to it.
All Items : Archives : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Designer Signed : Pre 2000 item #1351357 (stock #5447)
Wonderful, authentic Chopard, 18k yellow gold, ruby, happy diamond, ladybug pendant with 18.5" long, 18k gold chain. Adorable ladybug pendant measures 3/4" x 5/8", it consists 8 natural rubies of approx weight 0.20ctw and one floating 0.05ctw. diamond. Necklace is in excellent condition. Fully hallmarked. Weight is 7.1 grams.
All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Chinese : Pre 1492 item #531044 (stock #2208)
A finely blue & white bowl, decorated outside with lotus and water weeds, inside with Conch on the center and continuously flower scroll around the inner rim. Ming dynasty Chenghua private kiln typical design ware. Condition is perfect with no any chips and cracks, except very minor flake glaze to rim, well balance and free from any restoration. Diameter: 15.5 cm.
All Items : Archives : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : Pre 1900 item #16123 (stock #7251)
Venetian Boy Carrying Baskets

Guiseppe Vizzotto Alberti (Italian, 1862-1931)

Watercolor-on-paper, signed and dated: "(18)89".

Vizzotto Alberti was born in Oderzo, the son of the painter, Enrico Vizzotto. He was a student at the Academie des Beaux-Arts de Venise. He is best known for his watercolor scenes of Venice and is represented in the Museum of Bautzen in the Gallery of Art Museum in Rome. He is listed in Benezit, Dictionnaire des Peintres,.....

All Items : Archives : Instruments and Implements : Scientific : Pre 1910 item #396440 (stock #J953)
Offered for sale is a wonderful early 20th century, apothecary pharmacy bottle from Eli Lilly & Co. labeled “CHLORODYNE”. The back side sports 2 labels, one of which mentions the 1906 Food & Drug Act, and the other indicates the pharmacy “L.J. Madsen & ? – Hartford, Conn.

This 2.75 inch high amber corked bottle is in very nice condition. The cork is actually pushed inside the bottle.

The labels have darkened with age but remain quite clear and easily readable...

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Toys : Pre 1960 item #388712 (stock #WA031)
The Bussoz Finale foosball or babyfoot is considered one of the most stylish designs created; with its aluminum corner ashtrays stamped "Bussoz, 75 Rue de Clignacourt, Paris, 18." All original with chromed wire goals, hand-painted aluminum players, hardwood construction including hardwood ball return ramps. Excellent overall condition. Circa late 1950's / early 1960's.
All Items : Archives : Decorative Art : Pre 1800 item #1294788 (stock #1801)
A delightfully petite ratafia glass with narrow elongated round funnel bowl above a double series opaque twist stem made up of four spiral tapes inside nine-ply spiral band all standing on a plain conical foot...
All Items : Archives : Decorative Art : Pre 1837 VR item #1180681 (stock #1513)
A fine pair of Sunderland Bridge souvenir rummers dating from the early part of the 19th century. The glasses have a bucket shaped bowls supported on a capstan stem with medial bladed knop sitting on a plain conical foot with ground pontil mark. The front of the bowl is engraved with a representation of the Sunderland Bridge under which is a two masted collier brig. The reverse has a foliate cartouche engraved with the initials “ISMcK”...
All Items : Archives : Lost Art : Pre 1900 item #1143521 (stock #130)
Rare Chinese antique ink-stone with carved HuangHuali wood Cover and base in shape of Peach or melon. Qing Dynasty Guang shu Reign ( 1875) mark on the side of the ink-stone. In a small palm size. It could be a scholar's beloved pocket talisman item. Dimension: 3 3/4inches w x 5 inches D x 2 inches high.
All Items : Archives : Pre 1492 item #584712 (stock #2508)
Abacus Asian Art
Not Available
The dish in shallow form with center measure approximately 24 cm and slightly concaved, decorated with finely details incised a pair of Mandarin ducks swimming on the lotus pond at the waves background in underglaze cobalt-blue within double circle, surrounded by five blossoms lotus on the cavetto and four blossoms supported by fungus head and encircled by key-fret pattern to the inner rim sides, very impressive and unusual. Underside with six blooms of continuously flower scroll and showing "h...
All Items : Archives : Estate Jewelry : Pre 1940 item #968301 (stock #50245)
Vintage bakelite bracelets like this rarely hit the market. This one is made from cast carved 2 tone bakelite, and measures 7/8" wide with a 2 5/8" diameter. The interior ring appears black, but when held to the light, it's actually a dark translucent green. The outer layer is heavily carved cream corn. It is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks.
All Items : Archives : Fine Art : Pre 1930 item #938792 (stock #26C10E 306)
Middle Eastern painting of a mosque with arabs filling water jars from a well, by Gustav Adolph Hensel (German/American, 1874-1953), oil on canvas, circa 1920s, 12" x 14". Gustav Adolph "Dolph" Hensel was born in Germany and came to the U.S. in 1906. He was a Lutheran minister who settled in Wisconsin and later moved to San Francisco, where he was pastor of St. John's Reform Church until 1922. Hensel was also an artist who mainly painted portraits and religious genre...
All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Southeast Asian : Pre 1900 item #174503 (stock #57-33)
This very long horizontal scroll is part of a set of 27 paintings, sometimes called a Yao Bible, from the Yao (Mien) tribal people who originated in southern China, and now are found across northern areas of Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Burma. The Yao adopted Taoist beliefs in China five or six centuries ago, merging them with rituals already deeply imbedded in the tribal culture...
All Items : Archives : Fine Art : Pre 1920 item #694042 (stock #8803)
Helen Wells Seymour
(American, 19th/20th century)

Japanese Landscape with Figures

Oil on canvas board, signed.

Painting size: 12” x 14”
Frame size: 17” x 19”

"Helen Wells Seymour (1878-1937) was educated in the Friends School in Washington, D. C. and she took special courses for two years in Columbia University and in the Doshisha Women's College, Kyoto, Japan...

All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Pre 1837 VR item #1221185
A superb kozuka (handle for the knife that fits into the katana scabbard), dating from the Edo period (1615-1868). It is magnificently decorated with the image of Bodhidharma (Daruma, in Japanese), considered the father of Zen Buddhism. The kozuka is made of silver and shakudo, with gold inlaid to highlight the robe and eyes of the patriarch. Bamboo leaves are also incised into the metal, above his head...
All Items : Archives : Lost Art : Pre 1970 item #1192299 (stock #493)
Lovely large vintage porttery cat with bird and plants on its back. dimension: 17 1/2 inches long x 14 inches high.
All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Pre 1920 item #1312469 (stock #1386)
Japanese cast iron cube choshi (sake ewer) is decorated with geometrically design. The lid was made from bronze.

Measurements about : 4 5/8" (11.8 cm) x 3 1/2" (9 cm) x H 3 1/2" (8.9 cm)
Weight about : 500 grams
It is in good condition.
All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Southeast Asian : Pre 1492 item #1265796 (stock #BR(C)-001)
A bronze figure of a sturdy-bodied Garuda with his arms and wings spread outwards. Vishnu, with his traditional implements including a discus, conch and mala is balanced atop Garuda's left shoulder and upright tail...