All Items : Archives : Fine Art : Pre 1950 item #580284 (stock #246)
Clyde Scott California impressionist seascape oil on board signed lower right measuring 12 x 16 inches framed in a one of a kind custom hand carved Bill Earl frame overall size 19x23 inches. A beautiful seascape with bold color and light showing the true mastery of this acclaimed artist’s talent. This painting is in excellent condition and ready to hang.


Born in Bedford, IA on Jan. 24, 1884...

All Items : Archives : Decorative Art : Handiwork : Wood : Pre 1900 item #275249 (stock #817)
A Victorian Calamander or Coromandel Box with Brass and Copper Fittings and a Pierced Lid. Dimensions 8.5" wide x 5" high x 3.5" deep. From 1870-1890 and in excellent condition with the exception of a slight age separation in the inside bottom.
All Items : Archives : Estate Jewelry : Pre 1970 item #1129809 (stock #1081)
Gerardo Lopez belongs, in my humble opinion, among the very best repoussage maestros of early Taxco - his work is absolutely phenomenal, deeply chased and elaborate and just a pleasure to have and behold. The clamper bracelet at hand aptly illustrates his talent and craftsmanship; wrought in 980 silver, it has a distinctly Nouveau air to it with its undulating, twisting and turning scrolls and floral motifs...
All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Pre 1940 item #1001978 (stock #MOR2833)
The Kura
A large Art Deco Bronze Vase enclosed in the original wooden box signed Koshun (Hiramatasu Hiroharu 1896-1971) and dating from the 1930s. The vase has a deep red, slightly mottled patina typical of the era. The body rises from a clear and simple shape to ringed neck, with sculpted handles that complete the quintessential Deco style. Signed on the base, it is 12 inches (30 cm) tall and in excellent condition...
All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Americas : Pre Columbian : Pre AD 1000 item #70094 (stock #E40)
An exceptional Bahia Shaman from Ecuador, ca. 500 AD, 6-1/4" high. The seated figure is posed with hands holding the crossed legs and is elaborately adorned with a fancy spiked headdress, huge ear spools, bracelets and necklace. Much of the cream colored slip remains. Intact, except for a couple of chips.
All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Pre 1800 item #1134129 (stock #65)
Very Unique Tibetan bronze statue of a beast and woman Circa: 17th Century Dimension: 5 inch long x 1 1/2 inch tall
All Items : Archives : Decorative Art : Glass : Italian : Pre 1940 item #987715
Striking Venini Vase in awesome shades of cobalt, aquamarine, and deep red. Done in the con macchie and a puntii techniques, this vase has an irregular surface, as the blue and aquamarine are worked more into the surface and the red is definitely left a puntii (dots on the surface), the colors are laid on a clear glass. The vase is asymmetrical with two opposing pulled points. There is a bubble in the rim that is visible in enlargement 4, not a flaw but mentioned for accuracy...
All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Pre 1900 item #1280590
A shinobue is a traditional Japanese high pitch transverse flute usually made of bamboo and used in Japanese folk songs, Shinto music and Kabuki and Noh theaters. Shinobue flutes have 7 finger holes.

This particular flute, which dates from the Edo period (1615-1868) is a beautifully crafted instrument, a remarkable example of the genre, made of a single piece of wood, decorated with flowery motifs painted in gold lacquer...

All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Pre 1900 item #1340982
A magnificent sake saucer made in the kinrande style of porcelain by a master of the craft: Eiraku Wazen (1823-1896).

Eiraku Wazen was a twelfth generation ceramist. His father Hozen (1795-1854) was the first to use the name Eiraku. He was successful in mastering Chinese Ming dynasty porcelain techniques, especially Kinrande (a combination of underglaze blue and overglaze red and gold decoration), in vogue in Kyoto at that time...

All Items : Archives : Pre 2000 item #915754 (stock #7001)
Specially commissioned and designed lapis lazuli and silver necklace with Afghan lapis beads and large cabochon center lapis.
All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Pre 1960 item #46500 (stock #111089)
Original, limited edition Japanese woodblock print by Shuzo Ikeda (b. 1922), titled No. 96, 1956. This is a nice, early work by the artist, reminiscent of the Buddhist figures produced by Kiyoshi Saito. The artist's later works focused more on large eyed children. There is a collector's seal in the lower right corner...
All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Pre 1800 item #1130487 (stock #457)
Seated Jizo Bosatsu sculpted from a sedimentary stone, the left hand holding a long-stemmed lotus blossom and the right a hoju (sacred jewel). Late-Edo Period ca. 1800. Very minor old loss. Variegated lichen accumulation.

Height: 31 cm
Width: 20 cm
Depth: 18 cm

An elegantly sculpted Jizo stone in excellent condition.

All Items : Archives : Pre 1950 item #1135644 (stock #patinocarved)
Patino was known for quality early vintage Mexican silver jewelry. The repousse surrounds each hand carved stone like a well made picture frame. It's sweeping flourishes and expertly carved masquettes set this piece apart from others. There are no dents or chips to the stones (reflections are seen) and all the hinges are straight and sound. The width is 1.5 inches tall and the length is 7.5in. This repousse bracelet weighs 56 grams heavy. Truly a lovely piece.
All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Pre 1980 item #414353 (stock #PNK-2)
Kokeshi, wooden folk toy of NE Japan. Height: 13.5". This example is of "Tougatta-kei" tradition, generally made in Miyagi Prefecture. But, this particular artisan, Ouhara Masakichi, lived in the city of Noboribetsu in Hokkaido. Ouhara-san was born in 1907 and passed away on June 8th, 1982 (Showa 57.) The doll was made in November of Showa 51 (1976.) For a brief story on "dentou" (traditional) kokeshi, please see our weblog which can be accessed through our Trocadero homepage.
All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Southeast Asian : Pre 1700 item #641431 (stock #2524)
A good quality of Thailand 16th century Sawankhalok circular box. Condition is excellent. Diameter: 10 cm and High: 7.5 cm.
All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Pre 1900 item #739586 (stock #lot415)
Description: A pair of wood figures was in original condition. By crackled pigment on the surface, the pair of wood figures was used to be as attendants of a holy deity. With good metaphors of promotion and honorary recommendation by the emperor, the attendants were depicted by holding the wrapped official seal and the recommendation scroll accordingly. With strong religious mood and folklore's atmosphere, the wood pieces can a joyful collection of traditional Chinese sculpture...
All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Pre 1980 item #1224012
Here is a remarkable suribachi (mortar) made in the Shigaraki pottery tradition.

It presents the wonderful features of that pottery which gets covered with wood ashes during the firing process. The play of vitrified glaze and colors depends on where the pottery is located inside the kiln. With this particular piece, the result is quite stunning and creates a splendid keshiki (landscape).

Shigaraki is one of the oldest pottery traditions in Japan...

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Pre 1940 item #836019 (stock #38B35 553)
Cast iron standing horse doorstop by Hubley, #345. Circa 1930s. Unmarked. This horse retains almost all of its original dappled grey painted surface. The figure is well modelled with wonderful detailing of the anatomical features. Excellent condition, some minor wear along the top of the neck and on one side of the horse. Size: 12" length x 10.5" height.