A Late Roman calcite Marble Head Tribal Art Antiques Sold
Roman Bronze Lion Mask with Handle Griffin Gallery Ancient Art Sold
Funerary Cone for Montuemhet T. Squintlee Gallery
Ptolemaic Stone Head of a Lion, Time of Cleopatra Griffin Gallery Ancient Art Sold
Iron Age Cypriot Jug Meiji Bijutsu Sold
Iron Age Cypriot Stemmed Cup Meiji Bijutsu Sold
Pre columbian Ancient mexico Olmec pottery head Tribal Art Antiques
Pre Columbian Ancient Mexico Mezcala Stone Figure Pre Classic Tribal Art Antiques
Olmec Jade Mask Pre Columbian Mexico Ancient Art Antiquarian Art Co. Inquire
Moche Polychrome Figure Arte Xibalba Sold
Mayan Jaguar Bowl Arte Xibalba Sold
Moche Deer Vessel Arte Xibalba Sold