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The Kura
Sumptuous burled wood shows off its irredescent grain under the clear lacquer covering this fantastic writing box decorated inside with nashiji gold clouds on black. It comes complete with the ink stone and water dropper inset into an inner tray. Minor wear on the gold adges attests to age and use. It is 22.5 x 30 x 6 cm (9 x 12 x 2 inches) and is in excellent condition.
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I love vintage Mexican silver jewelry that incorporate ancient artifacts in them and even though I don’t have the expertise to identify them as Aztec or Maya or belonging to any of the other Mesoamerican civilizations, I am thrilled to present here a very rare Carmen Beckmann mixed metals figural pendant which belongs in that category. I am used to similar pieces bearing the signature of the Los Castillo or Victoria (Ana Nunez de Brilanti, that is)...
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Matching the necklace I listed a few days ago and equally amazing this modernist Margot de Taxco Mexican silver and pink quartz bracelet is such a ... riot! I know the color pink and the concept of a riot do not really go together but the fact that I - definitely NOT a pink girl - loved this piece is nothing less than .....
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Antique, Victorian, earrings and pendant/pin set, composed of 14k gold, accented with enamel and diamonds. The chandelier earrings are for pierced ears; measuring 2 3/4" x 3/4". Pendant (pin was added) measures 2 1/4" x 1 3/8". This lovely set is in very good antique condition.
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Fabulous, signed, La Triomphe, 18k yellow gold, large green tourmaline and diamond ring. Top of this statement, size 6 ring measures about 1" x 3/4". High quality dark green tourmaline is 13mm long x 9mm wide. This magnificent ring consists of approx. 0.60ctw of H color VSI clarity diamonds. Ring is in excellent pre-owned condition, fully hallmarked; 18k La Triomphe...
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Beautiful, vintage, 14k rose gold and natural ruby ladies watch. This manual watch measures 6" long x 5/8" wide. Watch consists of approx. 0.90ctw of rubies and 0.18ctw of diamonds. Watch is in very good pre-owned condition. Weight is 23.5 grams.
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Big, bold and beautiful this vintage Deco Mexican repousse grapes and leaves brooch combines silver and copper and as a mixed metals piece, it has a special place in my heart! I love the marrying of the "colder" glow of sterling with the warm, molten beauty of copper and here the two metals look enamored of each other. And if this is not enough, there are the tree grape dangles - curvaceous, chubby amethyst cabs set in sterling that covers the back of the stones as well...
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These three outstanding arrowheads come from a lifetime collection. There will be more to follow. They were collected over a long period of time on various privately owned land holdings with the owners full consent. The original collector was a "stump puller" and once in a while a treasure would lift out of the ground along with the remains of the dead tree. The first piece on the left measures slightly over 2" in length by 1 3/4" at the widest point...
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The Kura
A superb wrinkled root-ball wrapped around a stone known in Japanese as Ishigami (biting stone) in the shape of the Daruma, legendary founder of Zem Buddhism. These natural objects are highly prized, expressing a sense of the accidental and the power of nature in the face of man’s vain attempts at control. This one is rather large, at 18 x 15 x 16.5 cm (7 x 5-1/2 x 6-1/2 inches). Ishigami are also called Ishikui (eating Stone) or Ishidake (holding stone).
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First up out of a rather rare Margot de Taxco mid-century mod sterling silver and quartz demi I recently acquired, this necklace is an ode to pink and all lovers thereof worldwide! Pink quartz is not the most common stone used in Taxco jewelry yet it was favorited by many of the Danish designers who featured it in their pieces in the 1950s and 1960s. In fact, to my eyes at least, Margot seems to have been heavily influenced here by her European counterparts...
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Fisherman's handmade octopus trap made of bamboo, iron, and wood. Showa period, 20th century, Japan. approx. 23 x 8cm (9.05 x 3.14in), H 6cm (2.36in)

selected by Jinta

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The Kura
A crow stands stark against a dark landscape, the last vestiges of autumn clinging to frozen branches as the landscape settles with snow. Below water surrenders to gravity as it drops into the unseen depths. Ink and light color on silk in a green silk border patterned with tangled vines and featuring stag antler rollers. It is 19 x 76-1/2 inches (48 x 194 cm) and in overall great condition...
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The Kura
A Shishi lion mask carved of Paulownia (Kiri) wood rests on a tray carved with balls and Peony, only the eyes and teeth of the mask colored with gold, the rest natural age darkened wood. Inside the box is lacquered brilliant vermilion red, and black on the base. It comes enclosed in the original signed wooden box, the remnants of a label glued inside the lid dated Showa 11 (1936)...
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The Kura
A very rare Nana-sun plate with swirling hake-me design from the kilns of Utsutsukawa dating from the early to mid Edo period wrapped in a ragged bit of sarasa dyed cotton cloth and enclosed in an age darkened wooden box titled Utsutsukawa-Yaki Kashibachi - Ikko (Sweets dish-1) It is 7-1/2 inches (19 cm) diameter. Thinly potted, there is a tiny chip in the rim, otherwise is in perfect condition; exceedingly rare for this type of pottery...
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A very interesting Oribe chawan (tea bowl) dating from the Edo period (1615-1868).

Oribe ware has been made in Japan since the end of the sixteenth century, under the guidance of Furuta Oribe (1544-1615), a feudal lord and one of the most illustrious students of tea master Sen-Rikyu (1522-1591).

Bowls shaped as this one are called kutsu chawan (shoe-shaped tea bowls)...

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Great pair of huggie earrings, composed of 18k white gold and tourmaline gemstones, signed; Nabucco, 750 Italy 1226VI (trademark for Roberto Coin). These earrings with folding stud, measures 3/4" x 1/2". In excellent pre-owned condition. Weight is 19.44 grams. Roberto Coin has been making jewelry since 1977, however he did not begin using the signature "ruby" until 1996.
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Late Ming - Qing Dynasty, 17-18th century, China. approx...
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We don't know much about P. Ochoa - what we do know is that he was active during the years that Matilde Poulat was creating her jewelry, most probably a Mexico City maestro himself as well, especially since stylistically he too belongs in the design school associated with the country's capital...