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This is a very nice pair of armchairs made from solid walnut by the end of the 19th century and directly inspired of the Louis XIV era. Each with arched back standing upon a large and comfortable seat flanked by a pair of scrolled armrests, all standing on a beautifully scrolled pediment. The upholstery is in used condition and would need to be replaced. Circa date 1880-1890. Dimensions 47"high/ 16"seat height/ 23"wide/ 28"deep.
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Shocking head of 'shishi' (lion-dog). Made of alloy. Broken as seen, but the head is stable in exquisite balance as is. Showa period, 20th century, Japan. approx...
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30 pieces of doll heads of Japanese ichimatsu doll and hina dolls made of 'toso' (type of wood composition) and wood, and one ichimatsu doll. Mix of Meiji period's (1868-1912) and Showa period's (1926-1989). Aged deterioration as is, with peelings. Hair comes out often. One head is broken.

Ichimatsu doll: approx...
All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Pre 1980 item #1401779 (stock #MOR6949)
The Kura
Colorful mother of pearl chips and precious metal powder blend in a cosmic cloud on the midnight surface of this exquisite Koro by Wajima lacquer artist Sasaya Shuho enclosed in the original signed wooden box. It is 4 inches (10 cm) tall and in excellent condition.
All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Pre 1900 item #1401735 (stock #MOR6947)
The Kura
A 19th century lacquered tray with bold design of a turnip in gold and silver raised maki-e o bck ground, the reverse all Nashiji typical of 19th century design. It is wrapped in a cloth bag and enclosed in a period wooden box. The tray is 37 cm (14-1/2 inches) diameter and in overall fine condition with minor losses to the lacquer along the edge consistent with age and use.
All Items : Archives : Furnishings : Accessories : Pre 1900 item #1401641
Measuring 6" high, and 10 3/8" wide, this is a remarkably well sculpted image of a lion, functioning as an inkwell or inkstand. The recumbent lion has wonderful detail, and clearly portrays the regal posture of the legendary King of the Beasts. It is on an oval base, with a shell protruding from the front with a fanciful face of another cat like creature...
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A small chinese porcelain snuff bottle painted in cobalt oxide on biscuit porcelain with a 4 clawed writhing dragon. The effect of firing without glaze is a black and white colour rather than blue and white.

Dating from the mid C19th., it stands just 4.1 cms high and weighs 16 gms.

There is a barely visible 1mm flake to the paste at the rim which needs to be viewed under a loupe.( It is very barely visible as a small, slightly lighter spot on the rim in photo 4)...

All Items : Archives : Furnishings : Lighting : Pre 1900 item #1401636
Pair of silver candlesticks, ca 1890, by Herman Sudfeld, fully marked with .800 silver standard and Sudfeld's name and monogram. Measure 16" high, 35 troy ounces. Sudfeld is a known silversmith, working between 1883-1909. Well proportioned, with a bulbous stem over cylindrical section upon a domed base, with four ornate feet. Bright cut engraving over much of the surface. Lions heads adorn the cylindrical section, each with ring and bar in their mouths. One lion's head is missing, visible ...
All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Pre 1900 item #1401534 (stock #TCR6945)
The Kura
A rare 19th century Seto-oribe dish covered in green copper glaze sculpted with a man in a boat among tempestuous waves. It is 8 inches (20 cm) diameter, and in overall excellent condition, with some minor chips along the rim typical of use. This was possibly an oil dish, or more likely a tile for placing under a ryoro brazier for tea.
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This is a magnificent and tall Buffet Deux Corps made from solid and beautifully patinaed oak by the middle part of the 19th century. Such buffet is commonly called Scene De Chasse (hunting scene) by the French...
All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Pre 1940 item #1401448 (stock #MOR6943)
The Kura
A golden camellia shines iridescent on the egg-shell thin wood grain of this lacquered bowl designed by important early 20th century artist Nakamura Daisaburo, the work executed by Yoshida Kinnen enclosed in the original wooden box titled Tsubaki Maki-e Kashibachi and signed within Heian Yokodo. The craftsmanship is phenomenal! It is 8-1/2 inches (21.5 cm) diameter and in excellent condition...
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Matilde Poulat was known for her reliquary silver work. She made beautiful crosses with ornate chain and statues adorned with stones. This cross and chain necklace has the block letters MATL on both the chain and the cross center piece. The chain measures 21 in. long with the drop being 2 1/8th inches tall. This chain is featured in the book MEXICAN JEWELRY BY MARY L. DAVIS AND GRETA PACK. Here it was used as a choice to display a cross. Each link is embedded with a branch of coral...
All Items : Archives : Estate Jewelry : Silver : Mexican : Pre 1960 item #1401328 (stock #191905)
Work by Matilde Poulat from the Mexican Silver Renaissance is becoming more and more rare. This one is hallmarked Matl Mexico 925 m.reg 142093 and is without eagle. The size is medium to medium large for Matl treasures with a measurement of 4 in. across on the drop and 3.75 in. tall. The double chain is extremely desired in Matilde's work and adds a romantic touch to it's presence. Simply lovely, just LOOK AT THAT NECKLACE!
All Items : Archives : Fine Art : Sculpture : Wood : Pre 1900 item #1401306 (stock #40F02-397)
A scarce artist's fully articulated wooden mannequin, probably French. 19th century. Size: 19 inches ht. Mannequins were an important tool in the artist's studio. Each was carved to model the human form and utilized wooden ball joints that allowed the figure to be manipulated into realistic positions...
All Items : Archives : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Designer Signed : Pre 1980 item #1401274 (stock #5486)
Estate, Tiffany & Co, Atlas 18k yellow gold bangle bracelet. It measures 2 1/4" x 2" in diameter and it is 7/16" wide. Bracelet is fully hallmarked and in good pre-owned condition. Weight is 41.75 grams.
All Items : Archives : Estate Jewelry : Platinum : Vintage : Pre 1980 item #1401273 (stock #5485)
Super elegant platinum diamond eternity band with a bright polish finish. This size 5.5 band is created from a total of 15 pear shaped diamonds and 21 round cut diamonds. The front of the band is 11mm wide and the back 7mm. This magnificent ring consists of 6.67 carats of diamonds; F-G color and VS-2 SI1 clarity. It is in very good pre-owned condition. Weight is 8.6 grams.
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Wearing paper diaper (in deteriorated condition) under cotton pants. Weird and cute. 20th century, Japan. approx. L 32cm (12.59in)...
All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Pre 1900 item #1401211 (stock #MOR6940)
The Kura
A Mingei style sculpture of a sake-sprite (Shojo) making off with a barrel of rice wine on his shoulder dating from the 19th century. This architectural work was likely originally part of a gate, and would have been a welcome sign to thirsty fellows after a day of work. Carved from a single piece of hard Keyaki wood, It is in excellent condition. 28 x 12 x 5 inches (71 x 13 x 13 cm). Keyaki as a wood is known for its hardness, beautiful grain and pest resistance.