William Starkweather landscape oil painting, American Antiques Collaborative, Inc. Sold
Flemish Still life of fruit and basket oil P Themmen Antiquarian Art Co. Sold
Harry Shokler original silkscreen of Coney Island, NY Antiques Collaborative, Inc. Sold
George Gardner Symons American Impressionist landscape Antiquarian Art Co. $9500.00
Dedrick Stuber Mission San Juan Capistrano oil Antiquarian Art Co. $8500.00
Gloucester harbor painting by MA artist Ben Paulekas Kingston Bay Gallery Sold
Alfred Simonpietri Impressionist nude oil young girl Antiquarian Art Co. $1800.00
Claude Buck Still life oil sea shells and rope Antiquarian Art Co. $35,000.00
Railroad Train by Frank Vietor (Am. born 1919) STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. Sold
Nast Engraving of the Inauguration Of President Lincoln STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. Sold
Carl Jonnevold California impressionist landscape oil Antiquarian Art Co. Sold
Robert Wood Laguna Beach seascape at sunset oil c.1950 Antiquarian Art Co. $3000.00
Louis Feuchter watercolor painting of dog and peacock Antiques Collaborative, Inc. Sold
Louis Feuchter oil painting of horses in pasture Antiques Collaborative, Inc. Sold
Louis G. Feuchter floral still life oil painting Antiques Collaborative, Inc. Sold
Charles Harmon California impressionist redwoods Antiquarian Art Co. Sold
Charles D. Robinson California Impressionist seascape Antiquarian Art Co. Sold
Renaldo Cuneo Impressionist view Notre Dame Paris Antiquarian Art Co. Sold