All Items : Archives : Lost Art : Pre 1910 item #1351966 (stock #1210)
A cast bronze Buddhist or Taoist figure on a peacock Supporting a crown displaying the five wisdom Buddhas above his gilt face, holding his principle arms in namaskara mudra while two additional pairs of hands hold a bow and three other now-lost identifying implements, supported by a lotus stand raised upon a likely associated peacock-form base. 24in (61cm) total height inclusive of stand. FOOTNOTES Though there is a strong likelihood the various elements of this piece were recently assoc...
All Items : Archives : Lost Art : Pre 1910 item #1154889 (stock #221)
An unique and elegant Huanghauli document box with a middle tray. The top panel of the box composed of Huanghuali wood of honey hue, the four wood panels with dramatic rich Huanghuali whorls. The bottom panel of the box was made out of other kind of dark hard wood - Ji Qi wood - Chicken wing wood. Circa: 19th Century Dimension: 6 inches long x 6 inches width x 3 inches height
All Items : Archives : Lost Art : Fine Art : Sculpture : Geological item #1414333 (stock #2002)
The ink-black craggy stone curing over a ocean wave form and punctuated hollows and edges, carved fitted rosewood stand. dimension: approximately 28 inches tall,, 6.5 inches ( 16 cm) Width.
All Items : Archives : Lost Art : Contemporary item #1175595 (stock #406)
Summer By Russian Artist : Andrei Averyanov (1948 - ) One of only eight Russian Artists to win the all Russia Priz for Art in 2000, being invited to exhibit at the Central Exhibition Hall & Museum. Date: 2004 Dimension: 23 1/2 x 19 1/2 inches
All Items : Archives : Lost Art : Pre 1980 item #1195111 (stock #515)
Beautiful carved jadeite and 14k gold link bracelet. with longivity motif. condition: one link needs to repaired.
All Items : Archives : Lost Art : Jewelry : Pre 1980 item #1241574 (stock #2948)

Bjorn Weckstrom, "Planetoid Valleys", sterling silver modernist necklace for Lapponia, Finland

Iconic necklace worn by Princess Leia in Star Wars episode IV, 1977

Designed in 1969 this example dates from 1974

17" long

Each link measures 1" x 1"

Fully hallmarked - see picture

Very good vintage condition with only minor scattered tarnish

All Items : Archives : Lost Art : Pre 1910 item #1146810 (stock #144)
Impressive Chinese White jade Ruyi , Shiou Shan Yu scepter , dark rose wood hard wood handle. Low relief with auspicious emblems including lucky bats, peaches, Buddhas hand flu it, and pomegranate. Circa: late 19th Century or early 20th Century.
All Items : Archives : Lost Art : Asian Art : Pre 1492 item #1164992 (stock #lot1004)

A wood panel depicting the flying Apsaras was in good condition.
Obviously a part of building structures, this ancient wood carving of the Apsaras was well rendered in animated posture.
The wood texture was revealed by enduring age.

Date: 13th/14th century.

Provenance: Nepal.

Dimensions: 41.5cm x 25cm x 13cm.
All Items : Archives : Lost Art : Jewelry : Pre AD 1000 item #1378330 (stock #GLD-018)
A nicely made ancient Pyu solid gold frog pendant with a seal carving at the underside of the base. It has a hole though it to make into a pendant. Weight: 14.05 grams. Size: See last photo
All Items : Archives : Lost Art : Decorative Art : Porcelain : Pre 1920 item #1225044
Chinese enameled porcelain dishes, each centered with a shou medallion encircled by five bats and with the character 'wan shou wu jiang' on a yellow ground with gourds, flowers and tendrils, the base with an apocryphal Qianlong mark. Size; Diameter of each bowl is 7.25 inches. Provenance: Estate of Reynold Tom of Oakland, CA
All Items : Archives : Lost Art : Pre 1980 item #1151912 (stock #208)
Beautifully hand crafted Yellow Peking glass cover tea bowls, Gai Wan. Dragon ornaments Dimension: 4 inches height
All Items : Archives : Lost Art : Pre 1930 item #1148040 (stock #157)
Brilliant Chinese carved Burma jadeite set in diamond and white gold pin
All Items : Archives : Lost Art : Pre 1910 item #1157356 (stock #336)
Chinese rosewood wall hanging curio display shelf unit, intricately reticulated in an elaborate mesh of lucky bat, longivity sign, plum tree breaches. 18th or 19th century dimension: 14 inches high x 11 inches width condition: three small original sections missing.
All Items : Archives : Lost Art : Pre 1960 item #1130584 (stock #41)
Chinses Huanghuali brush pot of traditional cylindrical form. High 6 1/2 inches , 16.5 cm . Filled age crack
All Items : Archives : Lost Art : Asian Art : Chinese : Pre 1920 item #1206352
Chinese Flambe Glazed porcelain Vessel, from late 19th/ early 20th century period, height of this item is 12 1/2 inches, in very good condition.
All Items : Archives : Lost Art : Decorative Art : Glass : Pre 1900 item #1295999
Wonderful French crucifix, displaying a finely crafted bronze Corpus Christi set on a quality wood cross form, overall height 16.5 inches, height of Corpus 7 inches (17.5 cm). From 19th century period, very good condition, no imperfections noted.
All Items : Archives : Lost Art : Asian Art : Japanese : Pre 1920 item #1287254
A superb set composed of a kiseru (pipe), a tabako-ire (pouch for tobacco) and a kiseruzutsu (pipe case). It dates from the Meiji period (1868-1912), with the case dating from at least the end of the Edo period (1615-1868). The tabako-ire is made of a finely preserved snake leather, with a menuki carved in fine details in the figure of a dragon wrapped around a single golden flower...
All Items : Archives : Lost Art : Pre 1910 item #1266572 (stock #913)
Chinese vase with three Foo dogs. Porcelain with underglaze-red and a blue spots in Foo dogs eyes. 清 花 夹 子 Rosewood fitted stand. six-character mark in the base 大 清 康 熙 年 制 7" tall of the porcelain vase , 9.5" tall without stand.