HECTOR AGUILAR Copper 3 Piece set - Bowl, Cream, Sugar 1940's E & M Perez Sold
Vintage Native American Navajo silver and Turquoise Bear paw belt, Tribal Art Antiques
Early Native America Mimbres Bowl circa AD 900-1100 Tribal Art Antiques
Signed Scrimshaw Whale Tooth Cribbage Board E & M Perez Sold
HUGE 23" Uriarte Talavera Tibor - Puebla - Mid 20th Century E & M Perez Sold
Olmec Pre Columbian Jade Figure Antiquarian Art Co. $6500.00
Interesting grotesque carved wood hermaphrodite figure 16th century Tribal Art Antiques Sold
Ancient Eskimo tool Thule period Alaska Tribal Art Antiques Inquire
Latin American art Rare Andean small Silver nativity figures 16th C Tribal Art Antiques Inquire
A Pre Columbian Chimu Textile panel Tribal Art Antiques Sold
Pre Columbian nice Jama Coaque whistle figure Tribal Art Antiques Sold
Pre columbian Ancient mexico Olmec pottery head Tribal Art Antiques
A Chorrera cargador vessel Early Horizon Circa AD 800-1200 BC Ecuador Tribal Art Antiques Sold
Pre Columbian Moche Grey ware portrait vessel Tribal Art Antiques Sold
Pre Columbian Ancient Mexico Mezcala Stone Figure Pre Classic Tribal Art Antiques
Tlingit Northwest coast copper and horn potlatch ladle Antiques Collaborative, Inc. Sold
Gold pendant of Santa Muerte or Saint Death GALERIE GELUK Asian and Buddhist Art Sold
Pre Columbian pottery Effigy Jar Chimu Peru Inca Antiquarian Art Co. $750.00