Very Fine Gilt Japanese Cloisonne Chest or Box Signed Inaba John L. Young Antiques, Inc.
Japanese lacquerer’s cubic palette hotoke antiques Sold
TOZACHO – Old Japanese drugstore waste book Taisho period 03 hotoke antiques Sold
Antique Japanese bronze usubata vase GALERIE GELUK Asian and Buddhist Art Sold
Ubugi baby kimono and Semamori stitch design book t a t a m i Sold
Japanese lacquerer’s large bowl t a t a m i Sold
FLYING HAWK - Nagasaki embroidery gold-thread silk kimono 19th century t a t a m i Sold
MAYUBUKURO - Japanese paper bag for cocoon 03 t a t a m i Sold
Japanese hanging scroll of Kasuga shrine deer mandala t a t a m i Sold
KUKEDAI - Japanese mingei wooden sewing stand hotoke antiques Sold
SAKURA – Vintage anonymous oil painting hotoke antiques Sold
Japanese hanging wooden chopping board hotoke antiques Sold
Wooden tool box of Japanese joiner hotoke antiques Sold
KIRIE AND ORIGAMI - Japanese paper craft sample book t a t a m i Sold
CHUKEI - Japanese transformed dancing fan for Noh play t a t a m i Sold
MONKEY – Hybrid Chinese painting on hanging scroll hotoke antiques Sold
SHOKUDAI - Pair of Japanese Buddhist gilt lacquer candlestands t a t a m i Sold
CARP VASE - Japanese celluloid fish t a t a m i Sold