Chinese Calcified Han Jade Dancer JJ Oriental Sold
Yuan Qingbai Iron Spot Teapot Longquan Gallery Sold
WEIGHTS - 3pc of Korean stones for loom t a t a m i Sold
KUKEDAI - Japanese mingei wooden sewing stand hotoke antiques Sold
SAKURA – Vintage anonymous oil painting hotoke antiques Sold
Japanese hanging wooden chopping board hotoke antiques Sold
Wooden tool box of Japanese joiner hotoke antiques Sold
KIRIE AND ORIGAMI - Japanese paper craft sample book t a t a m i Sold
CHUKEI - Japanese transformed dancing fan for Noh play t a t a m i Sold
MONKEY – Hybrid Chinese painting on hanging scroll hotoke antiques Sold
SHOKUDAI - Pair of Japanese Buddhist gilt lacquer candlestands t a t a m i Sold
Chinese Jade Hair Ornament Hongshan style JJ Oriental Sold
CARP VASE - Japanese celluloid fish t a t a m i Sold
OMIKUJI-BAKO – Shinto/Buddhist wooden box with fortune sticks hotoke antiques Sold
OZEN – Decayed lacquer-tray with round foot hotoke antiques Sold
HOKAN – Antique jeweled crown for Hina princess doll 19c t a t a m i Sold
THREE DEMEKIN – Wood carving telescope goldfishes hotoke antiques Sold
Old Japanese Tamba ware flask 19th century hotoke antiques Sold