ABSTRACTIONS - Japanese calligraphed wood tray 19c hotoke antiques Sold
MICE - Japanese bronze small okimono Meiji period 19-20c hotoke antiques Sold
Seated Blanc de Chine Quan Yin - Bronze Mounts - Republic Period E & M Perez Sold
HYAKUNIN ISSHU – Japanese calligraphy poems on wooden tags hotoke antiques Sold
BROKEN WORLD - Plain Japanese cardboard globe t a t a m i Sold
FOX GODS – Pair of votive Inari stone sculptures t a t a m i Sold
EBOSHI - 5pc of Japanese Shinto black hemp caps t a t a m i Sold
Fourteen Rare Chinese Han Glass Beads - 206BC - 220AD JJ Oriental Sold
Antique Chinese Wood Cosmetic Box EurAsia Fine Art Gallery Sold
Antique Safavid Tinned Copper Alloy Basin, Persia. Galerie Hafner Sold
TSUNOBUKURO - Japanese mended hemp horn bag t a t a m i Sold
Ming Bronze Shou Figure E & M Perez Sold
Wide-striped Ryukyu Bashofu abaca fiber textile 19th cenrtury t a t a m i Sold
ONE OF FOUR DEVAS – Japanese wood carving Buddhist figurine t a t a m i Sold
MAWASHI - Japanese local sumo wrestler's loincloth belt t a t a m i Sold
EMA OF SNAKE AND COCK - Two Japanese votive wooden tablets t a t a m i Sold
INFANTICIDE EMA – Japanese folk votive wooden tablet 1852 hotoke antiques Sold
ZUSHI – Japanese mingei wooden miniature shrine L hotoke antiques Sold