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The Tretiak Collection
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14.5" x 21" Edition 95 Mine is Yoseido 1980 Catalogue p 3 Watermark is BKS Rives France 73/95
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In 1968 and 69 Haku Maki produced Poem 5 for Festive Wine. That image was a paradigm of clarity as to what the kanji or Woman ought to look like. It was a smoothe svelte character. Yet at this same time, he also did this print, a tall gangly woman. She looks as if she is askelter, not all “together”. Or is the left leg longer than the right one? The print itself is done in the Maki manner: Size 10.5 “ x 10.5”...
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Wonderful Industrial 3 piece jewelry set. This set is signed ' STAINLESS STEEL, SHEFFIELD ENGLAND '. This set is made from stainless steel with applied light maroon glass disc. The pendant, excluding its chain measures 3 1/4" long with its largest disc being 13/16" in diameter, the bracelet is 1" thick and is at present 2 3/8" wide but can be adjusted to a larger or smaller size and earrings, each are 3/4" in diameter. This set is in excellent condition and a work of Modern Art!!!
All Items : Artisan and Design : Mixed Media : Pre 1980 item #910046
This is a quite large Maki Persimmon print This is Work 74-67 Haku Maki did prints with Persimmon as a main theme from the early 1970s for well over a decade. This is a fairly large image: it shows one persimmon growing out from the tree, with leaves coming off the branch. The leaves are very clear: they have been tipped with shellac so they look very shiny . This is 43/154, here Maki used ink the color of the persimmon when putting his seal on the print...
All Items : Artisan and Design : Prints : Pre 1970 item #884935
I call this set of images The Zodiac but Maki formally called this Animal Song + the animal name. The actual prints here are Animal Song - Monkey Dog Snake and Dragon. Each print came in an edition of 50 copies. Red Lantern Gallery in Kyoto distributed them. 1968. only 17 17'
All Items : Artisan and Design : Folk Art : Pre 2000 item #845740
This is a realistic horny toad, a species native to the American southwest. BUT this toad was carved in Hong Kong by the well-known carver, Mr. Chan Lai. Chan took the original wood, kept the back virtually as it was, but carved out legs and made it look so very good. Signed
All Items : Artisan and Design : Jewelry : Pins : Pre 2000 item #834113 (stock #CJ0032)
Wonderful pewter designer pin. This moderne pin is signed " JOHN FRIESE, PEWTER, DENMARK." It is in a elongated abstract form with a continous hour glass and circle design. It measures 2 1/2" long and 1 1/4" wide and is in fine condition. A great Scandinavian Modernest Piece!!!
All Items : Artisan and Design : Jewelry : Pins : Pre 1990 item #826161 (stock #JCD0042)
Lovely gold plated rhinestone and Amethyst crystal pin. This wonderful pin was created by SWAROVSKI and has the famous "Swan" signature. It features a very large Amethyst crystal flanked by scrolls of Swarovski diamond crystal rhinestones. This pin is in very fine condition and measures 1 7/8" wide X 1" high.
All Items : Artisan and Design : Prints : Pre 1970 item #821858
Flower Song 3 In the Mid-60s Maki did a set of ten different images, entitled Flower Song This is Flower Song 3. It is a very abstract print: it is probably not kanji (Chinese characters); it is similar to prints entitled, say Dance. It could be the character for woman: at the left there may also be the kanji for woman (oona) with a single stroke perhaps penetrating the woman -- but is probably not...
All Items : Artisan and Design : Jewelry : Pins : Pre 2000 item #820525 (stock #JCD0041)
Wonderful leaf pin signed " CORO ". This gold toned pin has detailed textured surface with seven faux pearls flanked by two tiny aurora borealis rhinestones. This pin is well weighted and measures 3 6/8" long. It would look lovely on that special night out!!!
All Items : Artisan and Design : Jewelry : Necklaces : Pre 2000 item #820519 (stock #JCD0040)
Stunning gold tone rhinestone and faux pearl pendant necklace by CHRISTIAN DIOR. This Super necklace is in EXCELLENT CONDITION and Investment quality!!! A must have for the upscale Collector!!! This necklace measures 16 1/2" in length. The pendant is 1 7/8" long. It has two signed clasps and has the famous double CD clasp bar. This is truly a show stopper!!!
All Items : Artisan and Design : Jewelry : Pins : Pre 2000 item #816710 (stock #JCD0039)
Incredible combination Brooch Belt buckle rhinestone Tiger brooch. This wonderful creation features a gold toned metal scale belt with a fantastic large rhinestone Tiger buckle that can be removed to be worn as a large brooch!!! As a brooch the Tiger measures 7 3/4" long! The belt by itself measures 23 1/8" long and with buckle it is 25 5/8" long. The metal scales of this belt are on a spandex material that will give it a few more inches in length once streached...
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78-2 (Water) In 1978 Haku Maki was nearing the end of his artistic effort using kanji (Chinese characters) as the main theme of his work. This print is one bold kanji, for Water. To make it easier for his gaijin admirers to know what it meant, he wrote "water' in the bottom margin...
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This is a rarely seen Maki print; it was done after he had stopped doing embossed kanji and after he began doing prints with Ceramics as a theme. Maki did few white prints. This one, subtitled "empty" was done in 1981 The familiar embossing is seen in this print: the "dots" look like beads of a necklace, the sequin "dresses up" the print.There is foxing front and back, but that is all very old and stable. L is 46 cm w is 32 cm
All Items : Artisan and Design : Jewelry : Pins : Pre 2000 item #703909 (stock #JCD0011)
Lovely Christmas Wreath pin signed L.C. This pin has many ruby red rhinestone and green enameling on a gold tone wreath. It measures 1 1/2" in diameter and it is in Excellent shape.
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Very fine original acrylic painting depicting Busaba being secretively seduced by Inau, signed and dated 29.4.2524, by famed Thai artist Hatthai Bunnag. Size: 58 x 50 cm. Beautiful collector's item!