Korean Contemporary Bojagi by Hae Hong Chang Korean Art and Antiques $1,200.00
Kodai Ujiie Lacquer Infused Guinomi Modern Japanese Ceramics Sold
Oribe Guinomi cup by Yu Nishioka Dialogue Gallery Japanese Ceramics Sold
Japanese LNT Kondo Yuzo Porcelain Vase Modern Japanese Ceramics Sold
Alan Kessler "Saw and Wood" Oil on Wood Alan Kessler Gallery $5,950.00
Frank and Regina Juhls Sterling Tundra Necklace Norway Auerbach and Maffia $399.00
Limited Edition Book of Ex Libris Exlibirs prints Kamiya Kiyotaka 紙屋清 Japanese Art Treasures $75.00
Kanzaki Shiho Shigaraki Chawan Tea Bowl Modern Japanese Ceramics Sold
Hagi-yaki Chawan by Yoshida Shuen - w Signed Box and Seal Kyoto Ceramics and Fine Art $750.00
Signed MIMI DEE Sterling Silver Carnelian Bracelet Gems Mimi Dee Artwear Mailed to the BIRTHDAY GIRL, have a HAPPY & Wear it in Good Health! Thank you for collecting MADE IN AMERICA!
One of a Kind Murakoshi Takuma Cereal Bowl Modern Japanese Ceramics Sold
Yagi Akira Seihakuji Funnel for Sake Modern Japanese Ceramics Sold