All Items : Artists : Ceramics : Pottery : Vases : Pre 2000 item #1422686 (stock #1483)
Built up Crystalized ash glaze clings to the clefts of this bold form by Kishimoto Kennin enclosed in the original signed wooden box titled Iga Shiho Hanaike (Iga four sided vase). It is 16 x 14 x 25 cm (6-1/4 x 5-1/2 x 10 inches) and in excellent condition.
Kennin has been working with clay since the 1950s, devouring styles along the way...
All Items : Artists : Ceramics : Pottery : Vases : Pre 1980 item #1338548 (stock #0330)

A massive (almost 2 kg) Shigaraki Vase by famous Rakusai Takahashi III, enclosed in its originally signed wood box.

The tsubo displays the landscape of fire color (hi-iro), scorch (koge) and burst rocks (ishihaze).

Rakusai (1900 - 1976) was considered as one of the true masters of Shigaraki and Iga-yaki, along with Naokata and later Michio...

All Items : Artists : Ceramics : Pottery : Contemporary item #1427287 (stock #1519)
Dark splashes and glassy green windows cut through the thick crawling white glaze on this disk by Murakoshi Takuma enclosed in the original signed wooden box titled Shunju Ozara (Spring and Autumn Platter). The artist calls this combination of feldspar, iron and ash Shunju, which comes from a traditional phrase denoting a color for each season. It is 32 cm (12-3/4 inches) diameter and in excellent condition, with Shiori and Shifuku fresh from the artists kiln this year...
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Earrings : Contemporary item #1355618
Stylish and chic artist made domed earrings with three different finishes. The domed body is a darkened, oxidized silver. One of the crisscrosses has a matte finish and the other is glossy. Post backs can be converted to clips. Measurements are 13/16" in diameter.
All Items : Artists : Ceramics : Pottery : Bowls : Pre 2000 item #1384979 (stock #0435)

Wonderful Kutani Guinomi (Sake cup) with typical wan shape, produced by one of the most famous contemporary artists of Kutani, Tokuda Yasokichi III (1933-2009).

The stone ware clay was covered with dark purple glaze, which turns to light blue towards the brim. His stamp (Masahiko) is inside the unglazed foot ring...

All Items : Artists : Glass : Decorative : Contemporary item #1333567
David Anthony
A finely hand blown studio art glass bowl, one of a kind, sitting on a small domed foot from which radiates a wavy multi-colored bowl with moss, brown, blue, and maroon. Signed by the artist and dated 2007. Dimension: 13 1/2" x 9 1/4"
All Items : Artists : Ceramics : Contemporary item #1426493 (stock #HIKSCNo2)
Albdeo 3 Studio
Robust Ki-Seto chawan by Hori Ichiro. This chawan measures 13.5 x 10cm and comes with its signed wood box and is in great condition.
All Items : Artists : Ceramics : Pottery : Bowls : Contemporary item #1359959 (stock #TRC18583)
Using local materials and traditional methods, the creator of this work Masahiko Imanishi, has brought a distinctively modern interpretation to the classical form of the tsutsu chawan. At the same time, he somehow manages to maintain the simple rusticity that Tanba-ware is renowned for. Stretching back over 800 years, Tanba is counted as one of Japan’s 6 ancient kiln sites and is known for making large pots with red ferrous clay and natural ash glazes with a distinctive greenish tinge...
All Items : Artists : Ceramics : Pottery : Cups : Pre 1980 item #1419940
A very fine yunomi (tea cup) made by legendary potter Hamada Shoji (1894-1978), one of the pillars of the Mingei movement.

Hamada Shoji (1894-1978) is without doubt the best known Japanese potter. His influence on the world of ceramics, not only in Japan but throughout the world makes him a true icon of contemporary pottery...

All Items : Artists : Metalwork : Pre 1990 item #1410782 (stock #W-FIG36)
Ancient East
DESCRIPTION: An appealing welded iron sculpture of a long-horned bull, crafted of found objects including washer eyes, belt buckle hooves and an old wooden door knob. Artist signed on the base; good condition. DIMENSIONS: 29" high x 25" wide x 6" deep. W-FIG36 $640
All Items : Artists : Ceramics : Contemporary item #1419751 (stock #KMBCno1)
Albdeo 3 Studio
This thrown and slightly manipulated Bizen chawan was made by rising star, Kondo Masahiko. Thrown out of a rich Bizen clay and then carved with rather evocative and primal devices on the front and back the firing then further enhances the division with a rich ash surface on one side and a crinkled grey ash texture and areas of fire flashing on the other...
All Items : Artists : Ceramics : Contemporary item #1391773 (stock #1457)
Dragon's Pearl
A beautiful vessel / seashell of organic shape with a sideways, seedpod opening in mat mottled turquoise glaze producing a feeling of underwater ambiance. The rest of outer body and the side, elongated shell is done with his usual technique of grooving the surface with needles and rubbing iron into the grooves resulting in those great dark brown and white lines. The contrast between the two techniques is producing a fantastic visual effect. Signed: Tanoue Shinya (b. 1976)...
All Items : Artists : Ceramics : Porcelain : Pre 2000 item #1415542 (stock #1432)
A large deep bowl decorated in abstract underglaze blue imagery by Shibata Ryozo enclosed in the original signed wooden box titled Sometsuke Hachi and dating circa 1995. It is 28 cm (11 inches) diameter, 14 cm (5-1/2 inches) deep and in excellent condition.
Shibata Ryozo (b. 1952) completed advanced studies at the Kyoto Municipal University of Arts in 1978 (his work was purchased by the university the previous year for its permanent collection)...
All Items : Artists : Ceramics : Contemporary item #1406016 (stock #17)
Gallery Iwasa
A gorgeous organic Bizen vase by Toshiaki Shibuta encompasses the many aspects of Bizen ware in an original organic shape. Different treatments of clay produce various textures, while masterful firing techniques produce an array of color, most prominently, gray streaks on the stem of the vase. Size: 10 in h x 6.25 dia / 25.4cm h x 16 dia Weight: 1 kg / 2 lb 2 oz
All Items : Artists : Ceramics : Pottery : Bottles : Pre 2000 item #1113287 (stock #SLR 077)
Bamboo Grove
This is a very nicely fired large sake bottle by Morimoto Yoshinobu. The bottle is fired in the style of Abe Anjin, one of the greats of contemporary Bizen style pottery. Morimoto studied with Abe Anjin before setting up his own studio. It is 6” high and 4” from the widest part. The artist’s signature is on the top of the original wood box. It is in excellent condition.
All Items : Artists : Ceramics : Pottery : Contemporary item #1408452 (stock #18)
Gallery Iwasa
Black and persimmon glazed vase by fifth generation Mashiko potter Yoshinori Hagiwara, world-renowned for his sleek and elegant glazes and dynamic patterns. His works are included in the Art Institute of Chicago, the Schein Joseph Museum of Ceramic Art at Alfred University in Alfred, New York, and the Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art in Haifa, Israel. Size: 8.5 in h x 5.3 dia / 21.6 cm x 13.5 dia Weight: 2 lb 10 oz / 1.2 kg
All Items : Artists : Ceramics : Pottery : Bowls : Contemporary item #1425628 (stock #1508)
The surface of this bowl is like polished rust, shot through with various shades and glimmering with mottled colors, the base iridescent red. It is by rising star Hashimoto Tomonari and comes enclosed in the original signed wooden box titled: Untitled Utsuwa (vessel). It is 11 cm (4-1/2 inches) diameter and in excellent condition, directly from the artist this winter...
All Items : Artists : Lacquer : Contemporary item #1403040 (stock #1498)
Dragon's Pearl
A Japanese Contemporary Large Bamboo Sculpture made of thin strips of madake bamboo and lacquer. The artist is using an irregular, open work plaiting technique creating a kind of large cocoon shape. It can be seen from different angles and it can also be use for flower arrangements as there are openings through which a receptacle can be placed inside. But it can be admired simply as a sculpture. Made by Homura Reiryu ( b. 1970 ) from Oita prefecture, Kyushu, Japan...