All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Pendants : Contemporary item #411874 (stock #T 1325)
Mimi Dee Artwear
Commission - Thank you PD!
A Special Client Commissioned a petite delicate 1 1/4" cross be created by and signed MIMI DEE in a USA Studio using .999 Fine Silver, white high nacre tiny baroque pearls and 14Kgf accents. The surface was textured by hand as well.
Image Design Content Concept Owned by MIMI DEE
All Items : Artists : Metalwork : Contemporary item #435591 (stock #T 1358)
Mimi Dee Artwear
Donated to Brigham Women's Hospital in Boston MA
Proudly Hand Made in USA
Signed Artist Certificate
Donated 2005 at a value of $250+ based on 2005 precious metal's prices. Hand wrought in an American studio this sterling metal sculpture necklace set for donation to Brigham Women's Hospital Center for Chest Disease. Although gifts are not signed with a name, this was stamped: HANDMADE STERLING. 2 0z Studio Red Garnet & White Pearl Jewelry Set. It was auctioned at their First Annual Dinner Dance & Silent Auction held @ the Boston Marriott Newton Hotel - 2345 Commonwealth Ave., Newton (Rte...
All Items : Artists : Glass : Functional : Pre 1980 item #436216
Juicy color and fun form in contemporary glass. Both odd and elegant, paladin vases feature a contrasting color at the mouth. These are brilliant in groups, and tasty on their own.

Studio Paran is the creative partnership of Richard Jones and Mark Lorenzi. They met in the glass shop of the Rhode Island School of Design.

Studio Paran strives to design work that is unique, affordable and relevant...

All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Necklaces : Contemporary item #449811 (stock #T 1379)
Mimi Dee Artwear

Thank you once again Mrs. *, where would one be without our Patrons?!
Who replied, 'better than I imagined...'

Aaah Mrs. *. how she loves to have her ideas made into jewelry! Perfect match. She asked and it was crafted and signed by: HANDMADE MIMI DEE STERLING. Carnelian, Sterling, 14K gf. It was Mrs. *. who said these are ears of carved corn! 'Make me one with 5 dangles', and so here it is!
LEGAL: All Images Design Content Concept Owned by Mimi Dee. Similar work can be commissioned, please call.
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Earrings : Contemporary item #492938 (stock #T 1470)
Hand hammered and Made in America this pair of 14K Gold Fill drop earrings, designed and hand crafted in USA with Turquoise and Faceted Red Garnets gemstones from other lands. Perfect resort cruise wear fashion colors in all year round wear. Stabilized turquoise are 15 X 10mm while the faceted red garnet rhondelles are 5 X 3mm.
2 1/4" North to South at a comfortable wear...
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Necklaces : Contemporary item #515203 (stock #T 1491)
Doubled, this would make a nice doll necklace. Signed sage green necklace made up of sparkly 20mm faceted Labradorite stones with flashes of blue and finished with hand wrought sterling silver.
Approx 37 grams of precious heavy 14 guage metal. Not wimpy...
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Earrings : Contemporary item #523492 (stock #T 1496)
Mimi Dee Artwear
In a Signed Hand Painted Jewelry Box
SOLD. Signed: 14K Handmade Mimi Dee. Displayed in the hand painted box by same artist would make this a one of.
These 'Only One' pair of earrings made up of Circa Art Deco Czech saphiret art glass and hand hammered 14K Gold were made by and stamped: Mimi Dee, for a very special client, who must have the 'Only One'! The collector's own bi color change saphiret beads, which were acquired here @, were used along with aurum discs that were hand hammered for texture...
All Items : Artists : Ceramics : Pottery : Bottles : Pre 1990 item #568279 (stock #C/P 051)
Set of two tokkuri of bulbous shape, one with slightly everting rim. Light brown stoneware, all sides covered with almost transparent glaze with milky streaks. Unglazed clay under finger- and thumb-marks from dipping into glaze. Both with square seal imprint (unread). Attributed to Matsumoto Hiroyuki. Japan, ca. 1985.
Bottle A: h 4 1/8 in, diameter 2 7/8 in. (10.5 and 7.3 cm); bottle B: h 4 3/8 in. diameter 3 1/8 in. (11 and 7.8 cm).
Perfect condition.

Items located in Europe.

All Items : Artists : Lacquer : Pre 1990 item #568284 (stock #L 053)
Set of five black lacquer, circular dishes. Each dish decorated with a plant of the season: flowering plum beside waves, young ferns and grasses, flowering Malvern plant, red maple trees at a hill, and bamboo beside the full moon. All on glossy black lacquer ground, the decoration in shades of gold, silver, red and brown sprinkled lacquer (hiramakie), and with gold powders. Decorations in the style of Ogata Korin. Made for Heiando by Wanyo. Japan, ca...
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Earrings : Contemporary item #573400 (stock #T 1512)
18K GOLD and 99.9% PURE SILVER. Hand wrought in a USA studio. These original studio earrings of Sol and Luna motifs imprinted on them, are signed, hand built by one pair of hands and stamped with the artist's mark of: HANDMADE MIMI DEE .999FS.
Hand built, .999 Fine silver - higher than sterling and higher precious metal content than the best Mexican collectible and finer than the mass produced current imports from eastern lands.

When you must collect Made in USA...

All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Earrings : New item #574318 (stock #T1514)
ALL METAL IS 14K GOLD and it keeps going up.
In a USA studio these asymmetrical earrings were designed, made and signed with the studio maker's mark of: Mimi Dee - Handmade - 14K. This asymmetrical earring pair was made with rare chatoyant Alaskan Fossilized Coral Branch, not to be confused with the most abundant other south seas similar product.
Of all the coral-gems this is the rarest. 150 million years ago some South Pacific islands drifted north and attached themselves to Alaska...
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Earrings : Contemporary item #580839 (stock #T 1524)
Signed earwires are 14K Gold. Own the only one. Made in USA. In a USA studio, the earwires were hand wrought and stamped: 14K, which keeps going up...
All Items : Artists : Metalwork : Contemporary item #583782 (stock #T1532)
14K Gold and 99.9% Pure Silver.
In a USA studio this pair of hand fabricated earrings were formed by then signed: Handmade - Mimi Dee - 14K - .999FS - for pure fine silver. Finer than the currently mass produced imports from other lands. Lovingly hand fabricated by an American. This jewelry artist hand formed the precious metal earwires, hand built and carved the 999% FS discs then added a white faceted genuine fresh water cultured pearl and amethyst micro faceted beads. All real, neve...
All Items : Artists : Ceramics : Contemporary item #587165 (stock #0118)
Suzuki Goro, winner of a long list of prizes, including Japan's top prize for ceramic artists, the Japan Ceramic Society Prize, and the subject of many feature articles in numerous international publications, is one of the most widely exhibited and renowned living Japanese artists, and is recognized as one of the greatest living ceramic artists in the world, and the foremost Oribe artist. These extraordinary cups are a great example of the vivacious, unrestrained creativity that has made him fam...
All Items : Artists : Ceramics : Pottery : Vases : Contemporary item #587971 (stock #0095)
Yoon Kwang Cho had an acclaimed solo exhibition that started at the Philadelphia Museum and traveled to other major museums in America. He is widely recognized as the world's foremost practitioner of Korean Buncheong Art. This is an exemplary piece by one of Korea's most famous, most exhibited, and most collected ceramic artists. His work is in the permanent collections of many major museums around the world. He was selected by Korea's National Museum of Contemporary Art as Artist of The Year in...
All Items : Artists : Ceramics : Pottery : Cups : Contemporary item #587973 (stock #0096)
We have other works of porcelain art by Kim Yik Yung, so please let us know if you have any interest. Also spelled Kim Yikyung, Kim Yikyoung, Kim Ik Yung, Kim Ik Young, Kim Ikyung, Kim Ikyoung, Yik Yung Kim, Yikyung Kim, Yik Young Kim, Yikyoung Kim, Ik Yung Kim, Ikyung Kim, Yik Young Kim, Yikyoung Kim, Kim Ik Yeong, Kim Ikyeong, Ik Yeong Kim, Ikyeong Kim, Kim Yik Yeong, Kim Yikyeong, Yik Yeong Kim, Yikyeong Kim, Kim Yik-Yung, Yik-Yung Kim, Kim Yik-Young, Yik-Young Kim, Kim Ik-Yung, Ik-Yung Kim, ...
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Bracelets : Contemporary item #590539 (stock #T 1536)
Mimi Dee Artwear
Thank you Rose for collecting one of my signed bracelets!
SOLD. Out of a USA Studio a collector acquired this handcrafted and signed bracelet: MIMI DEE STERLING. 20mm sage green labradorite & 16mm faceted Smoky Quartz, were threaded with 14 gauge sterling silver and then a hand wrought removable SS charm, also signed was added. Only One! Legal: All Images, Designs, Text Content owned by MIMI DEE. SOLD
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Earrings : Contemporary item #591844 (stock #T1541)
ALL METAL IS 14K Gold. In a USA studio the precious metal earwires were hand formed then stamped: 14K.
Dreamy pale green Praseolite, prasiolite, juicy purple micro facet Amethyst perfect for the bride or for those who celebrate the supposed suffragette colors of green, white and violet.

Real (no faux here!) white Akoya pearls gem stones, along with tiny precious metal 14K gold flower beads were added to finish these 1 3/8" earrings.
Plum ameys: 4mm micro facet
Akoya pearl: 7mm