Henryk Winograd War Plaque "The Battle of Wilson's Creek" .925 Silver Sina's Antiques and Fine Arts $2,995.00
Painting Forteleza Antiques Inc. USD $3,200.00
Lacquered Bamboo Hanaike by Tanabe Chikuunsai II Hawkes, Asian Art £320.00
Bronze statue of Ippen Shonin by Yushi Ikeda 1962 t a t a m i $1,500.00
Japan Haku Maki huge fish 1973 Research note 15 The Tretiak Collection exhibit only
Charcoal by Don Ahn, with original 1965 gallery label Korean Art and Antiques $1,000.00
Sterling Silver Handwrought Bracelet Blackbird Hill Antiques $55.00
Superb Tobe Chawan by the 3rd Rakuzan Tamai Momoyama Gallery $350.00
Chawan by Bernard Leach Meiji Bijutsu On Hold
Bizen Chawan by Living National Treasure Kaneshige Toyo Momoyama Gallery $1,500.00
Henryk Winograd .925 Silver Plaque of Demons & Lady-Erotic Scene Sina's Antiques and Fine Arts $2,625.00
Large and perfect Mashiko Bowl by greatest Shoji Hamada Momoyama Gallery $3,995.00
Aka Raku Chawan made by famous Waraku Kawasaki Momoyama Gallery $350.00
Sophisticated Mashiko Chawan by legendary Shoji Hamada Momoyama Gallery $3,500.00
Shigaraki Mimitsuki Vase by Ueda Naokata IV t a t a m i $650.00
Painting Forteleza Antiques Inc. USD $3,200.00