Japanese Ceramic Object by Takiguchi Kazuo Goto antiques On Request
Iga Lidded Ceramic Box by Fujioka Shuhei Quality Chadogu $420.00
Rare Isu-gata Large Kogo Incense Case by Mihara Ken Quality Chadogu $410.00
Mihara Ken Handled Sekki Vase Quality Chadogu $900.00
Ensemble of The Many Shades of Celadon by Korean Artist Joo Ji Wan Korean Art and Antiques $4,000.00
Takeuchi Kouzo, sophisticated flower vessel Dragon's Pearl On Request
Ceramic Sculpture by Kang Jong Sook Korean Art and Antiques $5000.00
Hotei (Budai) Ceramic Sculpture byGeorge Gledhill WaSabiDou Antiques and Folk Crafts $500.00
Spectacular Japanese Vase by Artist Ando Minoru Momoyama Gallery $4,950.00
Set of two Oni and one Monk by Unokawa Kazumasa Vessels.jp 95,000.00 yen
Buddha seated in prayer, Ceramic Sculpture WaSabiDou Antiques and Folk Crafts $250.00
Bizen ware ball shape vase by TOKUMA Watanabe Dragon's Pearl $500.00
Yixing Teapot Firewood Bundle with 3 Friends Tan Yuewei St. Johns Art and Antiques On Request
Contemporary Mizusashi Water Container by Kawabata Kentaro Quality Chadogu Sold
Architectural Ceramic Sculpture by Fujihira Shin Quality Chadogu Sold
Shingu Sayaka Contemporary Ceramic Object Modern Japanese Ceramics Sold
Akiyama Yo Pottery Object, “Untitled” Modern Japanese Ceramics Sold
Modern Japanese Iga Vase by Sugimoto Sadamitsu Quality Chadogu Sold