Correll Huge Lavender Meteor Plate Signed and Dated Echo Beach Glass $300.00
Paedra Peter Bramhall studio art glass sphere sculpture, Vermont Antiques Collaborative, Inc. $495.00
Don Gonzalez Turkish Blue 3-Footed Sand Cast Vessel Echo Beach Glass $1,200.00
Don Gonzalez Steel-blue Glass Wrap Bowl Echo Beach Glass $690.00
Don Gonzalez Glass Sculpture: Naiades Spring Echo Beach Glass $800.00
Gonzalez Crystal, Blue Amethyst Glass Vase Echo Beach Glass $225.00
Gonzalez Blue and Amethyst Low Vase Echo Beach Glass $250.00
Black Jade, Exhibited Art-Glass Work by Nakashima Yasushi Modern Japanese Ceramics $1,800.00
Large glass vase by Tabuchi Koseki made with gold leaf technique Dragon's Pearl $1,950.00
Steven Lundberg Gold Aurene and Blue Pulled Feather Art Glass Vase June Hastings $800.00
Colorful Wavy Glass Studio Art Center Bowl David Anthony $650.00
Huge Massimo Nordio Murano Vase 'Openings' $2,800.00
Massimo Nordio Ercolano Murano Vase - Published $1,500.00
Massimo Nordio Murano Fez Vase - Exhibited Artist $1,300.00
Massimo Nordio 'Atomic' Murano Murrine Vase $2,000.00
Studio Paran Paladin vase 10" tall(Signed ) Small Pleasures, Antiques Collectibles $129.95