Signed Studio Hammered Copper Necklace Face Sculpture Mimi Dee Artwear Acquired by a gallery
Signed Studio Made in USA Sterling Silver Bracelet Cuff Mimi Dee Artwear $495.00
Signed USA Sterling Silver Studio Necklace Flower Mimi Dee Artwear $324.00
Friedlich Modernist Sterling & 18k Gold Earrings Auerbach and Maffia $295.00
Signed Studio Handwrought Sterling Pendant Blue Coral Mimi Dee Artwear $246.00
Signed Studio Hammered Sculptured Earrings Duo Copper Mimi Dee Artwear $126.00
Signed Sterling Sculpture Necklace Handmade Chain Mimi Dee Artwear $756.00
Sterling Silver Handwrought Bracelet Blackbird Hill Antiques $55.00
Signed Sterling Silver Hand Made Hammered Wrought Ring Mimi Dee Artwear $146.00
Signed Studio Handwrought Hammered Copper Sterling Bracelet Mimi Dee Artwear $396.00
Signed Hammered Copper Sterling Heart Pendant Ear Set Mimi Dee Artwear $126.00
Tony Papp Post Modernist Sterling Brooch Auerbach and Maffia $850.00
Signed Studio Bold Copper Lapis Ring Presentation Box Mimi Dee Artwear $126.00
Signed Studio Sterling Silver Sculpture Pendant Pearls Mimi Dee Artwear $273.00
Signed Necklace Ear Pend Silver Set Lavender FW Pearls Mimi Dee Artwear $270.00
Ramona Solberg - Silver Amber and Shell Brooch Auerbach and Maffia $1,200.00
Ed Tobin Sterling Silver Artisan Bracelet Auerbach and Maffia $425.00