JADE Pendant, Earring, Bracelet, Ring JEWELRY SET 14K Yellow Gold Forestangel Asian Antiques $1,450.00
Garnet, Silver, and Gold Necklace & Earrings Period Pieces $75.00
Signed Mimi Dee Sterling Green Rutilated Quartz 2pc Pendant Earrings Mimi Dee Artwear $198.00
Signed Necklace Ear Pend Silver Set Lavender FW Pearls Mimi Dee Artwear $270.00
Signed Hammered Copper Sterling Heart Pendant Ear Set Mimi Dee Artwear $126.00
Signed Studio Handwrought Hammered Copper Sterling Bracelet Mimi Dee Artwear $396.00
Signed MIMI DEE Sterling Etched Glass Necklace Set Box Mimi Dee Artwear S0LD- ENJOY! COMMISSION - with Artist signed hand painted presentation box
Signed Studio Sterling Necklace Earrings Demi Set Gems Mimi Dee Artwear COMMISSION - SPECIAL ORDER
Signed Original
Thank you Diane!

Proudly "Made in USA"