Antique, Vintage and Contemporary dolls offered for sale along with clothing, accessories and related items. Collectible miniatures, doll houses, doll clothing, doll furniture, bears and stuffed animals are also available for consideration.

Stunning 26" French Premier Enfantine Bisque Poupee by Blampoix WhenDreamsComeTrue $4,980.00
Rare French Poupee Chasmere Picnic Blanket with Straps WhenDreamsComeTrue $395.00
Rare French Mademoiselle Mignonette with Bare Feet WhenDreamsComeTrue $2,850.00
Beautiful French Bisque Poupee by Maison Jumeau in Presentation WhenDreamsComeTrue $2,750.00
Super Huret era 1858th. French Poupee by Blampoix WhenDreamsComeTrue $6,850.00
Luxury Presence Poupee by Maison Jumeau / 1870 era .... WhenDreamsComeTrue $4,850.00
Lovely French Bisque Bebe by Leon Casimir Bru ... Attic Condition WhenDreamsComeTrue $8,250.00
Superb French Bisque Premier Bebe by Emile Jumeau WhenDreamsComeTrue $7,950.00
Lovely Enfantine Mademoiselle with her Trousseau and Trunk WhenDreamsComeTrue $3,950.00
Lovely antique Straw Bonnet for larger Doll ... WhenDreamsComeTrue $345.00
Lovely 19th. Century Garden Pavillon WhenDreamsComeTrue $1,100.00
Cute Mechanical Toy Bunny for Doll Display WhenDreamsComeTrue $980.00
Rare Bamboo Wooden Prayer DollĀ“s Chair / France circa 1885 WhenDreamsComeTrue $950.00
Lovely French bisque Bebe " Bebe Marcheur " by Gaultier WhenDreamsComeTrue $3,290.00
Lovely Early Figure C French Bisque Bebe by Jules Steiner WhenDreamsComeTrue $5,750.00
This big boy is going to grow up and be just like his Pa Pa 22" 1890 Country and Shaker Antiques $395.00
LovelyTwo Piece Mode Enfantine for Huret , Rohmer ... WhenDreamsComeTrue $680.00
Do you think you would meet with her approval? Great black cloth doll Country and Shaker Antiques $765.00