All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Pre 1900 item #1359450 (stock #1629)
This antique wooden doll is hand carved and still has some original paint. The face is nicely carved, the body is painted a dark green and the legs and face have a having a dark patina. The head has black painted hair. He has a big hole in his middle that I think was a hole for a jigger pole. He/she I think was a doll first and then a jigger but I can't say for sure. The back of his head has lots of wear so that didn't happen while he was a jigger...
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1910 item #1444091 (stock #4073)
So perky and bright with big round eyes and a smile to melt the heart, they don't come like this often. She has embroidered features including her eyes but then to embellish them further they added a bead in the middles and curtain rod rings to make the eyes complete. She has red dots for a nose and a big embroidered mouth with white teeth the whole length. Her wool yarn hair is is artfully sewn to her head in a zigzag pattern. I love how her head is squared off at the top...
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1900 item #1385800 (stock #1902)
This doll has a dynamic face with bright blue eyes and long eyelashes. She has great hands with lovely long fingers and thumbs. She is uncomplicated all one piece of fabric in back and in front. She isn't jointed but she does sit. She has normal length arms but when I photograph here with her clothes on they look short. I don't get it is what it is. (See pictures with her clothes off.) She came bald but with evidence of a wig. I plunked one on her but it is just pinned on...
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Pre 1900 item #1483173 (stock #1325)
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Wonderful and rare to find all original antique French high brim silk bonnet in Jumeau red color from France circa 1878 ... in generally excellent condition to age !!

A most beautiful high brim bonnet of burgundy silk velvet and Jumeau red silk satin .... has rounded head and lovely row of ruffled silk satin around brim edged...

All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1900 item #1374322 (stock #1784)
This is a nice antique cloth doll with a sweet embroidered face. She has blue eyes with eyelashes all the way around and pink floss mouth. It is a surprise that her face does not show any anger or humiliation from the extreme hairdo. I can just see the little girl with her mother's pointy scissors clipping all her hair with great satisfaction. She was a blond and there is a small fringe that frames her face and then rows of stitches on the back of her head that at one time was securing yarn hair...
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Pre 1900 item #1476260 (stock #1264)
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Lovely all original set on under garments and accessories for French Poupee size 4 from France circa 1878/85 , factory all original and in generally good condition to age , preserved in store box by " Au Bon marche " ... Paris Department Store !

Included a 4 piece set ... pair of bloomers with longer skirt , a lovely under skirt and a cotton crinoline .

I´s suitable for a size 4 fashion doll how you can see on my pictures...

All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1900 item #1488936 (stock #5143)
Little Miss Sunshine has a delicately painted face with eyes that look so good I could swear they were glass eyes until I touched them. The are an amber color with a bit of a twinkle. Her nose is a little horizontal line and her mouth is a little pink painted open mouth smile. Her body is continuous from head to toe and her arms are attached. She is stuffed very firmly with cotton so much so that she has popped a gusset and sprung a leak at her neck...
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1900 item #1490536 (stock #5142)
Pencil face cloth doll is 21” tall, with a big lollipop head that can nod back and forth just a little. She has a firmly packed body with attached arms and continuous legs that do bend for sitting a lot over the years. It is a bit of a forced sit. She has a curved body in at the waist and would at the hips and chest. She has black sock and red boot shoes that have been sewn on and I think are original. She is wearing an antique pair of pantaloons with an antique dress that fits her very well...
All Items : Dolls : Accessories and Doll Related : Antique : Pre 1910 item #1379114 (stock #1831)
This is a pull toy rabbit on a wood platform and wooden wheels. The rabbit is paper mache or press cardboard maybe is more accurate but old. The purple hat is felt. She has glass eyes. She is just the best. 7 1/2" long 5" wide and 7" to the top of her ears and is circa 1890-1910
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1900 item #1426542 (stock #3074)
This most unusual black doll is built around a strong wireframe that is bendable to any position you want. She has a fine embroidered face, pinched nose and astrakhan hair. She is wearing age-appropriate clothes are really wonderful. She is in very good condition, is all hand sewn. These one of a kind black dolls are tokens of love, made for a child to play with. She is 15" tall and is circa 1890
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1900 item #1345945 (stock #1495)
This black cloth doll is packed solid with cotton, has a very nice embroidered face, astrakhan hair, and a blue calico dress with over skirt of red. Her arms and legs are continuous but all bend easily after years of being played with. She is 19" tall and is circa 1890.
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Pre 1900 item #1483174 (stock #1326)
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Pretty French Bebe winter set of light brown and turquoise striped silk cape with muff !!

Suitable for your French or German doll about 21" / 23" ( 54 - 60 cm ) ... all hand sewn from circa 1885

A pretty cape of striped turquoise and light brown silk with silk plush trim decoration around edged. Inside lined with blue cotton and closure with hook at the rounded neckline.

Included to the cape is a lovely woolen muff with matching trim decoration and turquoise si...

All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1920 item #1479217 (stock #5094)
Amish sister doll from Holmes County Ohio that are adorable, early, rag stuffed, identical clothes but one has blue and the other green. They are early for Amish dolls on the market, probably date to the 1890's-1910. They are packed with rags giving them a great hefty feel. Condition is not an issue, everything is without rips or tears, but they do have natural age related toning. They sit easily, enjoy company and would like to make new friends. They are out of a private collection. 13"tall, C....
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1910 item #1359321 (stock #1623)
Very unusual painted face character doll with the best laughing eyes. So many dolls are either very pretty or have a very neutral face with a straight line for a mouth, this doll leaves nothing to the imagination, she is down right giddy. How cool is that! She is painted with oil paint on fabric with most of the fabric showing through, not from wear but the way she was painted. She had great painted copper colored hair that is painted in swirls. She has a chunky firmly stuffed with cotton body. ...
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Bisque : French : Pre 1900 item #1434640 (stock #857)

Rare and very pretty colored French Bebe Parasol .... factory original by Emile Jumeau around 1879/80 .... in generally good condition to age and pretty color of typical Jumeau flowered color in pink and rose . Of fine cotton and with original Dog handle .

18 " ( 46 cm ) total length , made by Maison Jumeau for Bebe size 12 and more but would look´s very pretty and perfect also for other beautiful French or German doll´s .

On maple-wood handle terminates in cast brass ...

All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1900 item #1358443 (stock #1618)
This nice antique cloth doll has the eighteen hundreds straight red embroidered line for a mouth that allows her to have many or no emotions. She has two dots for a nose but the mother went the extra length to put stuffing under to give her a raised nose. She has really nicely embroidered eyes with little stitched eyelashes on the top lids. She has astrakhan trim hair that is firmly stitched on. She has jointed arms and the knees are stitched to bend so she sits easily. She is all hand sewn, her...
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1920 item #1437429 (stock #4030)
This is a great 23" black doll door stop with embroidered face,braided trim hair and nice calico clothes with a paisley shawl kerchief sround her shoulders. She is in very nice condition with just a little fading to her clothes Circa 1920
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1900 item #1476513 (stock #5074-B)
This small package of a doll is just perfect in almost every way. I love her sleepy looking eyes, her curvy little body, the leather hands that go all the way to her elbows. The dress with the coverall apron has been on her forever, maybe. All the way down to her feet that have the best little shoes, not original but look so good on her. Her face had another gauzy fabric over it that I cut off, it was full of holes due to deteriation from the tannic acid used to set black dye in the stockinette ...