All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1900 item #1356881 (stock #1588)
This late 19th C. stockinette doll has a lollipop head with an embroidered face that is more an suggestion of a face than a hard drawn face. Her face is open and kindly, her body is some what soft and comforting to the touch. Her clothes fit really nicely and her pantaloons and petticoat match. She is as found and her clothes feel and look like they have been on her a long time. The back of her head looks like she might have had more stitches to look like hair but only has a few now...
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1900 item #1356854 (stock #1586)
Naïve but nicely painted face doll with great red curls around her face. She is 21" tall and her body has a very broad chest that narrows into a smaller waist and hardly any flare to her hips. She is jointed at the shoulders and at the hips. She is very firmly packed with cotton. She has reinforced stitches at her neck below her chin and then stitches at the back of her neck also. She sits nicely and she knows that she is pretty. Circa 1890.
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1900 item #1353973 (stock #1559)
She is ready for afternoon tea, dressed in white and looking very demure. She is substantial in height and weight. She is very well made and every bit hand sewn. Her face is painted on the fabric and very nicely done. Her eyes are big and blue. She has hair that is pinned on and she has many layers of underclothes. She has on rather heavy stockings and white leather shoes. She has a mend in her forehead that is darned like you would a sock. It is sort of quaint...
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1920 item #1352485 (stock #1545)
A very nice Babyland Rag doll with a softly faded face that gives her a sweet baby face. She is 21" tall. I have taken a picture of most of her body but the very top and her arms are not accessible. Whoever put on her dress has lots of determination. The cuffs on the sleeves are so tight I can't get it off without cutting it off...
All Items : Dolls : Vintage Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1900 item #1350737 (stock #1510)
Little Boy Blue, come blow your horn, The sheep’s in the meadow, the cow’s in the corn. Where is the boy who looks after the sheep? He’s under the haystack, fast asleep. This is an uncut pattern for making a doll, Little Boy Blue. It is late 19th C. It is in very good unused condition but does have some age toning. The colors are crisp as is the fabric. It has been folded and put away for most if not all of its life. I show the front and the back...
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1900 item #1350714 (stock #1509)
This doll has a regal look and feel about her. Her body is black sateen and is very nicely constructed. The embroidered face is very nicely done with the whites of her eye very prominent with a nice black border around the white. Her nose is embroidered with black also but it is a blue black so it is visible. She has astrakhan hair that is nicely sewn on. She is stuffed fairly firmly with cotton and maybe rags. She is 23" tall and is dressed as I bought her...
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1900 item #1345945 (stock #1495)
This black cloth doll is packed solid with cotton, has a very nice embroidered face, astrakhan hair, and a blue calico dress with over skirt of red. Her arms and legs are continuous but all bend easily after years of being played with. She is 19" tall and is circa 1890.
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1910 item #1345913 (stock #1494)
Just 11" tall with a great embroidered face this cloth doll has a lot going for her. She is all original. She has yarn hair, finely embroidered face with a stitch raised nose, and pouty little mouth. Her clothes are all original and sewn on. She has black velvet shoes that show wear on the toes, (how does that happen!). She has silk stockings, bloomers, lace petticoat, blue dress with a self belt and lace around the neck. She is a cute and she can be. Circa 1900
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : All-Bisque : Pre 1900 item #1335692 (stock #1397)
Four little doll house dolls. Two are bisque with one having movable arms and the other with movable arms and legs. The tiniest doll of all a sweet little frozen Charlotte with a Merry Christmas ribbon wrapped in a figure 8 around her. This is not newly added it looks to be original. They came in this Lord and Taylor box and look to have been stored for a long time. The largest is 2 1/2" and the smallest 2"...
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1920 item #1328527 (stock #1317)
A wonderful plain and simple antique black doll doorstop. This one is smaller than most and is made with a weighted can rather than a bottle. She is 10" tall and is just the right size to sit on a shelf or be used as a bookend. I like it when the stocking shows nice wear on the bottom and this one really does. See photo. She is great folk art! Circa 1920
All Items : Dolls : Accessories and Doll Related : Contemporary item #1179467 (stock #T 1767 A,B,C)
Use these to make period doll pendants. Purists: No antiques were harmed nor altered in the making of these "one of" jewelry items:
(A) necklace and earring set. Circa 1800 antique cut steel buttons, shanks intact, used for this original set for your favorite collector...
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Pre 1900 item #1491470 (stock #1423)

Very nice one of a kind French Bebe antique silk costume in beautiful pink and ecru color with fine lace decoration , included a matching wire bonnet .

Would fit nicely for French or German doll about around 20" ( 52 cm )

A fancy one of a kind outfit which you will never find such the same again, has generally excellent silk and lace condition from around 1885th.

Most hand sewn outfit of silk with ecru front and ruffled pink silk , ornate with lace row at front ...

All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Pre 1900 item #1491285 (stock #1421)
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Outstanding and rare 1860th. pique Enfantine gown attributed by by Mlle. Bereux , has typical nice details of this sewing artist for Huret !

All hand sewn one piece enfantine costume for size 4 Poupee by Huret or other early or other early fashion doll from around 1860th !

Of ecru horizontally ribbed fine pique ornate with pretty flowers , the high waist dress features a width neckline that is covered by a pretty embroidered collar that fall down to the waist and runs a...

All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Pre 1900 item #1491284 (stock #1420)

Rare found of an large size early French porcelain Poupee with beautiful expression having lustrous patina of complexion with dramatic blue eyes , has original kid body and wearing very beautiful antique enfantin clothing !!

Stunning 26" ( 67 cm ) early fashion doll from around 1855th. the same time era like an Huret or Rohmer !!

The rare doll has fine pink tinted porcelain shoulder head with plump face and here wonderful and dramatic eyes speaks for itself ... they are...

All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Pre 1900 item #1491217 (stock #1419)
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Beautiful one of a kind costume for your French or German doll about around 19" / 20" ( 49 - 51 cm ) in lovely pattern woven ecru silk with rich decoration of French lace and fine details of aqua blue silk ribbon and fine trim.

Has ruffled front in the middle part of ecru silk which would hold by two aqua blue silk ribbon diagonal over the dress front. Each has metal brooch and bow at each end . Dress front sides of ecru silk with woven pattern and pleated decoration. Has small 3/...

All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Pre 1900 item #1491112 (stock #1418)

Rare cute small size original condition 10,5 " ( 27 cm ) mark 192 Bebe for the French market , a German bisque head with cute childlike shy expression on her original French body , has original wig and wearing beautiful original clothing all ! Fee of damage , chip , hairline or repair !

This lovely little girl has pale German bisque socket head with lovely quality of bisque and painting. She has blue glass sleep eyes with painted long lashes and brush - stroked feathered bows . S...

All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Pre 1900 item #1491078 (stock #1417)
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From circa 1880 a most beautiful wicker country cart with carved wooden horse for your French poupee or small Bebe display about 26" x 13,5" ( 66 x 34 cm ) displayed with my 16" fashion doll which are not included in this offer

A carved wooden horse bin trotting position with upright head is full covered with worn horsehair and has fine carved details with inset glass eyes , nostrils , mouth and leather ears. Plump body with carved legs ... two with small repair and carved hoove...

All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Pre 1900 item #1490909 (stock #1416)
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Another rare found of poupee accessories is this lovely Smoker set for your Gentleman poupee , all original preserved in his box.

A very rare to find set of little pipe with tobacco box which would be the perfect accessory for your poupee Gentleman !!

The rare little pipe has very fine early tortoise-colored handle with pipe whistle and bone corpus which are decorate with silver lid which are to open and close like by a real pipe . Included to the rare set is an mapl...