Pretty Winter set 19th. Century Silk Collar with Muff WhenDreamsComeTrue $345.00
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Lovely Burgundy Red French Poupee Bonnet for Huret , Rohmer ...... WhenDreamsComeTrue $290.00
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Superb French Faux - Watch Poupee Pin in Original Box for Mlle. Lily WhenDreamsComeTrue On Hold
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Pathetic lovable black doll in blue calico dress Country and Shaker Antiques Sold
Milliner model doll all original paper mache head wood arms legs 10" Country and Shaker Antiques Sold
African Short Mossi Doll L'Enfant Gallery Sold
Lovely Japanese Hakata Doll Sumo Tori w/stand SANAI FINE ART & ANTIQUES Sold