All Items : Dolls : Contemporary Dolls : Contemporary item #1360714 (stock #J423)
Kokeshi made by Takahashi Akinori at Takahashi Hashime Studio in Sendai in Miyagi Pref. The body has beautiful urushi design. In excellent condition. 20century. H:37cm Diameter of the bottom:7.5cm
All Items : Dolls : Vintage Dolls : Other : Contemporary item #1417493 (stock #2396)
This is The Five Star Stories 005 FATIMA LACHESIS Kaiyodo Japanese Plastic Doll. It was originally sculpted by Teraoka Kuniaki. It is made in China. It measures about 2" X 4 3/4" ( 5.1 cm X 12.1 cm). The suggested age for this toy is 14 or older.
All Items : Dolls : Accessories and Doll Related : Contemporary item #1179467 (stock #T 1767 A,B,C)
Use these to make period doll pendants. Purists: No antiques were harmed nor altered in the making of these "one of" jewelry items:
(A) necklace and earring set. Circa 1800 antique cut steel buttons, shanks intact, used for this original set for your favorite collector. Shown on new sterling silver.
Ears 1": made with a 5/8" (16mm), 17 steel rivets on gold gilt button - sterling marked hand made hooks.
Necklace/pendant 25mm 1" button: 13 steel rivets on ornate gold gilt brass...
All Items : Dolls : Accessories and Doll Related : Books : Pre 1990 item #1384409
A stated first edition coffee table book published by Hoshibill, Hiroshima, 1987. A hardcover with dustjacket, the book has gray-tan cloth lettered in bright gilt script. The slipcase has a slight smudge on the back otherwise in fine condition. Written in Japanese and English. Illustrated with over 180 full color photographic plates depicting Jumeau dolls. 199pp.
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Pre 1990 item #1375935 (stock #2237)
Galleria Verges
This is a Beautiful Porcelain FAIRY by Susan Snodgrass. The Fairy measures about 5 1/2" X 3 1/2" X 10 1/2" ( 14.0 cm X 8.9 cm X 26.8 cm ). The Fairy is inside a glass jar with lid...
All Items : Dolls : Contemporary Dolls : Antique Reproduction : Pre 1980 item #1425617
This is the cutest and most expressive Hilda artist doll that I have ever seen. She was expertly rendered with a cute, inquisitive, toddler look with blue glass eyes that were set, nicely painted lashes and perfect tiny feathered brows...
All Items : Dolls : Doll Clothing : Vintage : Pre 1980 item #1421242
This very pretty doll ensemble certainly looks like something a big bebe would want to wear for her Christmas party attire! It is a nicely made dress of a stiff emerald or forest green fabric with lots of pleating around the bodice and a little black pin. The dress has a fancy double collar one of velvet with velvet about the ends of the long puffy sleeves and then more velvet to the reverse. Long ties about the waist so it can tie into bow to the back...
All Items : Dolls : Contemporary Dolls : Antique Reproduction : Pre 1980 item #1421241
Beautiful pale bisque hand painted head with set blue glass sets that is set into a shoulder plate so her head can pivot from side to side, her arms and legs are also hand painted bisque. The middle section is a cloth stuffed body with aperture so her arms can bend and sit and she can have a variety of other poses. Thick, soft dark ringlet wig she is wearing her original outfit of a very fancy stiff pink fabric trimmed with lots and lots of lace and rows of tiny faux pearls...
All Items : Dolls : Vintage Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1960 item #1418447
A vintage Raggedy Ann doll, height approximately 21", with everything you want in a Raggedy Ann---the mop of red wool yarn for hair, gingham or calico cloth, etc. I am hardly knowledgeable about dolls or Raggedy Ann's but I would imagine this one dates to before the early 1960's, to as early as the late 1940's. It shows its age with browned cloth, stains on face, and especially on her left sleeve, a small hole in her apron, etc...
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Pre 1950 item #1407680 (stock #9/4/2)
This is very nice Japanese Hand painted vase stand 5 in height,8 in diameter is in very good condition with No damage. No hair line No chip or repair. The vase has nice detail all around body with deep cobalt blue.
All Items : Dolls : Vintage Dolls : Hard Plastic : Pre 1950 item #1380659
Extremely Rare Poupee (doll) from the Louis Vuitton Toy Shop. Made from a type of plastic (possibly celluloid) with delicate hand painted features, dressed in a detailed regional costume of Bretagne (Brittany). The costume appears to be of a style found in the area around Pont Aven. The face of the doll is of a mature woman not a child. The dolls wig appears to be of human hair and is in a pulled back style. The headdress is of stiffened lace, as is the wide collar of the dress...
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Pre 1940 item #1411517 (stock #2360)
Galleria Verges
This is a Native American Indian KACHINA Doll. It measures about 2 1/2" X 2" X 9 1/4" ( 6.4 cm X 5.1 cm X 23.6 cm ).
All Items : Dolls : Doll Houses and Miniatures : Doll House Furniture : Pre 1940 item #1367906 (stock #A-FA4)
Ancient East
DESCRIPTION: A great vintage set of rustic furniture in salesman’s sample size (larger than doll house furniture), consisting of a bench and two chairs, both with splint seats. Very good condition, please see photos. PROVENANCE: The Anne Narosny Doll Collection Estate. DIMENSIONS: Bench 12'' high x 12'' wide x 7'' deep. Chairs 9'' high x 6'' wide x 5'' deep.
All Items : Dolls : Vintage Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1940 item #1373579 (stock #BNJduDuDoll)
June Hastings
This 18.5 inch tall Norah Wellings black doll named "DuDu" was made from 1927 to the mid 1930s in Wellington, Shopshire, England. Made of velveteen DuDU has a great character face with the much desired glass eyes and a wide brown mohair wig. The doll is jointed at the neck, shoulders, and hips. The fingers and toes are individually delineated with stitching. Doll is called 'DuDu' model 119.
All Items : Dolls : Doll Clothing : Vintage : Pre 1940 item #1421238
Beautiful creamy, super soft, silk doll dress or full slip, depending on how it’s worn, with two rows of ruffle tulle lace on the bottom, two old big snaps on the back for closure...
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Bisque : French : Pre 1930 item #1419926
Darling French bebe by SFBJ in their popular 60 mold with the numbers 71 and 194 next to the Unis France stamp on the back of her head. The very bottom of her neck looks like it's marked 5/6 or 2/6 or it might be 2/9 it's hard to read. She measures exactly 14” tall...
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1930 item #1398388 (stock #2015)
What was the mother thinking when she sewed the face of this big wonderful rag stuffed doll. I think she had the cloth in her lap and stitched away on the face with it sideways on her lap. It does look a little straighter when she is sideways. Well you can't have her displayed on her side so her face is what it is, sweet and a little outrageous. The stitching is lovely and the colors are soft, her smile is engaging. She has never had hair. Her body is curvy with smaller waist and quite wide hips...