All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Bisque : French : Pre 1900 item #1303001 (stock #298)
On Polichinelle was the most popularity character at the end of 19th. century.

It was most often too find in France advertising Etrennes catalogs and publicity posters .... as typical symbols for the world of playing.

Special 1886 he was offered in five different sizes in the catalog of " Grands Magasins de Louvre " The Polichinell was offered in different materials .....

All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Bisque : French : Pre 1900 item #1389217 (stock #378)
Empress Eugenie in rare to find larger size about 21" ( 53 cm ) .... an very beautiful Poupee by Leon Casimir Bru .....France circa 1870 / 72 . Stunning version of the very popular " Mona Lisa Bru " Poupee of one of the best French Doll Factory in Paris at the 19th. century .......

All Items : Dolls : Doll Houses and Miniatures : Rooms and Shops : Pre 1900 item #1386661 (stock #1911)
This is an early antique doll Apothecary made in the mid to late 1800's. It is in very good condition. The paint is a very dark green to black depending on the light. All the drawers work, doors open, glass looks original. There are lots of accessories set out and more in the drawers. It is 30 1/2" across by 15" high at the highest point, and 16 1/2" deep. It is painted back around the exterior. I love the original painted floor. Circa 1880'.
All Items : Dolls : Doll Clothing : Contemporary item #1307361 (stock #318)
Gorgeous French antique silk dress which has typical French details and will fit perfect for French or German doll about around 27 "/ 28 " ( 68 cm - 70 cm )..... for Jumeau , Bru , Steiner , Eden Bebe .... Special beautiful for size 12 Jumeau or similar .........

It is most hand sewn of very rare cream silk sateen which has wonderful color-full woven flowers inside the silk.......

All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1900 item #1378582 (stock #1805)
This dear little doll has big pencil drawn eyes and triangle nose and an oval mouth. Her arms stand out to her sides making her look like she is spinning and twirling. She is cotton stuffed medium firm, her legs are covered with the same material as her bloomers that are sewn on. They feel like they are original. She has big feet and all I can say is my feet are big and my mother would console me with, just think of it this way you won't tip over easily...
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Other : Pre 1900 item #1357040 (stock #1601)
A very nice spun cotton doll with a very clever way of dressing her. Her inner core is spun cotton and around that is a heavy piece of paper roll with a big of a flare so the skirt is wider at the bottom than at the waist. The use of the blanket stitch for the outline and trim she has a muff, with arms going into it and a bonnet on her head with a cloak covering her shoulders and coming to a point at the back of her skirt...
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Bisque : French : Pre 1900 item #1380058 (stock #317)

A very beautiful and childlike bisque girl by Steiner 22,5" ( 58 cm ) ... has finest quality of bisque and painting....fantastic eyes , original body and pretty clothing.

One of the most beautiful open mouth dollĀ“s by Steiner from the series A with specially childlike and cute face expression !!!

She has a finest pressed bisque socket head and gorgeous blue glass paperweight inset eyes. Fine painted lashes and brows , has dark eyeliner encircles the eyecute ......

All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Bisque : French : Pre 1900 item #1288895 (stock #192)
She found a new Mom....thank you so much L. !!
French Bisque Bebe by Jumeau ......
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Bisque : French : Pre 1900 item #1361509 (stock #191)

One of the most beautiful French bisque Bebe by Fleischmann & Bloedel ...... Eden Bebe model with very childlike and gentle expression of best quality of bisque and painting , generally excellent with original body , wig and wearing very nice antique costume with bonnet...

All Items : Dolls : Contemporary Dolls : Contemporary item #1360714 (stock #J423)
Kokeshi made by Takahashi Akinori at Takahashi Hashime Studio in Sendai in Miyagi Pref. The body has beautiful urushi design. In excellent condition. 20century. H:37cm Diameter of the bottom:7.5cm
All Items : Dolls : Doll Clothing : Antique : Pre 1900 item #1356070 (stock #775)

Lovely all original set on under garments for size 10 Bebe Jumeau .... France circa 1885 / 90 , factory all original and in generally excellent condition !

Included a beautiful aqua blue silk corset inside mark size 10 .......

All Items : Dolls : Doll Houses and Miniatures : Other Miniatures : Pre 1900 item #1327999 (stock #412)

Very beautiful French Lady desk from circa 1890 , on outstanding and luxury furniture for your elegant doll room or scene. The exterior is decoratet with lithographed - tin design in the romantic style , fully ornate with very beautiful scenes of flower garlands , bow and angels and other exquisite Rococo decorations.

Has beautiful colors romantic ornaments at front and both sides. To open at front with a pretty tiny bow handle ... inside covered with red felt ...

All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1920 item #1393492 (stock #1929)
This is a wonderful folk art bottle doll with a big straight smiling mouth, button eyes and one celluloid hanging earring. She is wearing a slip and over that a great black print apron that wraps under and around her head and ties in the back. It certainly is a thrown together look that appears to have been on her a long time. The apron so goes with her face. A one of a kind face for sure. She is on her original weighted glass bottle, is 14" tall and is circa 1920.
All Items : Dolls : Doll Clothing : Antique : Pre 1900 item #1304013 (stock #303)
Sale Pending
Very nice antique cotton dress with pretty hand embroidery and Jumeau red silk sash.

All complete hand sewn with three pleats at front , short sleeves and small pleated skirt... fully ornate with red hand embroidery at collar , sleeves and skirt. To close at back with very fine ribbons and it will fit for a doll about around .... 16" ( 42-44 cm )

Made at the 19th. century , generally excellent condition .....

All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Bisque : French : Pre 1900 item #1395911 (stock #607)
We offer here a 100% authentic special rare to find French Doll accessory Presentation Card from France circa 1885 / 90 !!

Often you can find very similar of this cards at reproduction and it is very hard to find an authentic Presentation Card contains its original assortment of doll accessory.

WhenDreamsComeTrue Doll Shop guarantee the authenticity of this rare to find all original card , a heavy board card stenciled " Nouveaute de Paris " contains its all original...

All Items : Dolls : Doll Clothing : Contemporary item #1340892 (stock #596)

Most beautiful one of a kind silk and lace dress , most hand sewn and beautiful ornate with lovely details.

Would fit well for French or German doll about..... perhaps for Jumeau , Steiner , Bru , FG , or other circa 20" ( 52 cm )doll ,a pretty dress of pink silk and cream lace stripes . Lovely lace collar and chiffon silk trim ornate the upper part and a cream silk sash decorate the waistline...

All Items : Dolls : Accessories and Doll Related : Antique : Pre 1900 item #1329228 (stock #146)

Rare to find all original tiny Faux - Doll - Watch with chain in original box for French lady doll or small Bebe , on luxury accessory for on rich Doll !

A royal blue enamel watch with a very decorative hand painting little roses ring and fine ormolu frame has roman numeral face with original glass . Attached to gilt chain with one tiny fob.

The pretty 3/4 " ( 1,5 cm ) tiny watch is preserved in original labeled store presentation box .

Excellent condition ...

All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Pre 1900 item #1306160 (stock #311)
Very pretty colored blue silk sateen Parasol .... Factory original by Emile Jumeau, France around 1878/80 .... in generally excellent condition and wonderful color.

16,5" ( 41 cm ) and so perfect for your larger Bebe around 24 " ( 60 cm )

....on maplewood handle terminates in cast brass figural design of pretty horse head , has original metal parasol structure and covered with elegant blue silk sateen design with lace edge hand made and all original !!

Wonderful accessory...