Big bold black doll surprisingly heavy 24" C. 1920 Country and Shaker Antiques $1,750.00
Beautiful French Bisque Bebe Steiner Figure C with Lever Eyes WhenDreamsComeTrue $7,350.00
Beautiful Antique Poupee Bridal Veil in Presentation Box / 1869 WhenDreamsComeTrue $495.00
Outstanding Large French Bisque Jumeau Bebe WhenDreamsComeTrue $5,600.00
Most Beautiful French Bebe Costume with Silk Bonnet WhenDreamsComeTrue Sold
Sale Pending
Pretty all Original French Eden Clown WhenDreamsComeTrue Reserved...thank you so much T. !!
Early rolled homespun linen doll with pencil face C. 1870-1880 Country and Shaker Antiques $385.00
Beautiful Antique Red 3 Piece Linsey-Woolsey Lady Gown WhenDreamsComeTrue $650.00
Oh my a boy doll with the most amazing face, Country and Shaker Antiques $775.00
18" black boy doll with very fine embroidered face C. 1880 antique Country and Shaker Antiques $950.00
A special ink drawn face, proud farmers daughter doll 1890 18" tall Country and Shaker Antiques $825.00