~~~ Rare Large Early Series C French Bisque Bebe by Jules Steiner ~~~ WhenDreamsComeTrue $7,300.00
~~~ Superb Large French Bisque Poupee with Original Silk Gown ~~~ WhenDreamsComeTrue $4,890.00
~~~ Rare First Period French Bisque Bebe Girl by Denamur ~~~ WhenDreamsComeTrue $4,750.00
~~~ Rare French Poupee Miniature Sewing Necessaire Shell Box ~~~ WhenDreamsComeTrue $750.00
Rare Untouched F. Sustrac Mademoiselle Mignonette with Trousseau /1875 WhenDreamsComeTrue RESERVED for D. ... thank you so much !!
A big wonderful 29" cloth doll with sepia ink drawn face Country and Shaker Antiques $785.00
A large antique wooden doll great clothes Civil War era 15" Country and Shaker Antiques $495.00
~~~ Beautiful French Bebe Silk Parasol and Straw Basket ~~~ WhenDreamsComeTrue $390.00
Exceptional Rare Antique French Pair of Wax Dolls all Original WhenDreamsComeTrue $2,290.00
Miss Grant my first grade teacher! She is 22" pencil face great hair! Country and Shaker Antiques $795.00
~~~ Rare French Polichinelle in all Original Box Preserved Condition ~ WhenDreamsComeTrue RESERVED on Layaway ....
Vintage Miniature Wood Splint Seat Bench & Chairs Ancient East $150.00
All dressed up and no where to go, 23" painted face beauty. Country and Shaker Antiques $835.00
18" heavy pencil face cloth doll, You have got to be kidding! Country and Shaker Antiques $795.00
Plain and simple pencil face doll with blue calico dress Country and Shaker Antiques $495.00
~~~ Rare 12" Size 3 Mademoiselle Jumeau Factory all Original ~~~ WhenDreamsComeTrue RESERVED ....
26" antique cloth doll pencil face brown calico dress Country and Shaker Antiques $975.00
Superb Tiny French Doll Faux - Watch & Earrings in Store Box WhenDreamsComeTrue $320.00
1900 Mother's Congress doll 18" with blue calico dress Country and Shaker Antiques $220.00
Very fine hand sewn 1880 doll great clothes amazing hair 16" Country and Shaker Antiques $1,850.00
Very Beautiful Fashionable Poupee special for French Market WhenDreamsComeTrue $3,200.00
~~~ Petite French Teen Poupee by Jumeau in Presentation ~~~ WhenDreamsComeTrue Pending
Blue calico dress and bonnet on 19" pencil drawn face doll Country and Shaker Antiques $565.00
Played hard all her life pencil face doll brown calico dress Country and Shaker Antiques $385.00
~~~ Rare Large French Doll Room Walls for French Poupee ~~~ WhenDreamsComeTrue $1,500.00
Beautiful French Bisque Bebe by Rabery et Delphieu , Factory Original WhenDreamsComeTrue On Layaway for S. !!
~~~ Rare and Elegant French Bronze Table for Doll Display ~~~ WhenDreamsComeTrue Pending
15" beautiful face clothes on this wax over composition face doll 1860 Country and Shaker Antiques $345.00
~~~ Superb Empress Eugenie Smiling Poupee by Leon Casimir Bru ~~~ WhenDreamsComeTrue $5,950.00
All original boy doll with sewn on blue velvet suit, terrific face 16" Country and Shaker Antiques $1,800.00
The quiet one, soft gentle kind antique cloth doll 22" Country and Shaker Antiques $765.00
~ Very Rare Poupee by Brasseur - Videlier in Fantastic Gown / 1863 ~ WhenDreamsComeTrue $4,480.00
china old stand The Tretiak Collection
~~~ French Bisque Bebe by Gaultier in Superb Costume ~~~ WhenDreamsComeTrue RESERVED......
~~~ All Original French Bisque Bebe by Jumeau in Factory Box ~~~ WhenDreamsComeTrue RESERVED....
~~~ Outstanding Crying & Laughing Double Face Bebe by Jumeau ~~~ WhenDreamsComeTrue RESERVED for P. !!