All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1910 item #1394173 (stock #1951)
This little black rag doll has on flannel pants and a tan and blue striped pants. The clothes are not original and he may not have had clothes originally. They are cute and fit him well. He is cotton stuffed rather firmly. He has neutral pencil face but I wide line for his mouth that makes him look happy. He is a wonderful simple all American rag doll. He is 14" tall and circa 1900
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1900 item #1394126 (stock #1949)
This doll couldn't get much cuter. She is a tight package, stuffed with cotton, the clothes fit her perfectly, figuratively and otherwise. Her face is made as a separate piece of fabric like it was a second face but after looking carefully at her I think it is her original face and it was how she was made. She has on pantaloons, petticoat and calico brown and tan print dress. On her head she is wearing an old straw hat theat is coming apart a little but is so great on her...
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1900 item #1394034 (stock #1945)
This doll has talked to me for a while now. I listen to her and look and have learned more each day. She has the most wonderful worn leather face. I don't think she ever had features. If she had an ink face it would seem you could see a hint of a face. She didn't have an embroidered face, no holes. Maybe pencil...Growing up I loved dolls but all my dolls had faces. I didn't know about Amish doll back then so I don't know how I would have felt by a blank face...
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1900 item #1394005 (stock #1945)
What a cutie of a simple rag doll with embroidered face, broad chest and arms that ends in little fists. Now I think he is a little boy but his blue striped pants have a little lace trim so maybe a little girl. I do know that the mother that made him wanted to make sure the hat stayed on or maybe she picked it up one too many times off the floor and sewed the sucker on! It worked it is still there. He is firmly packed with rags and is solid and heavy. This is just a really pleasing little doll...
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1900 item #1393869 (stock #1939)
This fine black doll is in wonderful condition. Her face is embroidered and her eyes are jet buttons that are very effective and her hair is astrakhan (lambs wool used for trim on coats in the late 1800's). Her arms are attached at her shoulders, her legs are continuous but she sits easily. She is wearing an early black skirt, a black calico dress over the skirt, and then a red apron/skirt over the dress...
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1920 item #1393500 (stock #1930)
A very nice and unique bottle doll with her head built around a cork so the top lifts off easily and the bottle can be used to store whatever. I have another bottle doll listed with the same idea and that one had a story with it. This is the story on the other bottle doll, (I bought the bottle doll from a picker and he was door knocking and it turns out a man had recently lost his wife and yes he did have things for sale and one item was a black bottle doll doorstop...
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1920 item #1393492 (stock #1929)
This is a wonderful folk art bottle doll with a big straight smiling mouth, button eyes and one celluloid hanging earring. She is wearing a slip and over that a great black print apron that wraps under and around her head and ties in the back. It certainly is a thrown together look that appears to have been on her a long time. The apron so goes with her face. A one of a kind face for sure. She is on her original weighted glass bottle, is 14" tall and is circa 1920.
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1920 item #1393491 (stock #1928)
This little bottle doll has a dear sweet up turned face that radiates sunshine. She is as found with an outfit that looks like she acquired it as life went on, piece by piece; very endearing. She is on her original sand weighted bottle. She is 12" tall and is circa early 1900's.
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Bisque : French : Pre 1900 item #1389748 (stock #380)

An absolute rare to find extraordinary 33" ( 85 cm ) French bisque Poupee by Pierre-Francois Jumeau with wooden body , has generally excellent complete condition of an very rare luxury poupee ....... made around 1867 / 68 in France . Rare large wooden body poupee´s like this was offered at early 19th...

All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1900 item #1387211 (stock #1925)
This all handsewn doll has a fine embroidered face, stockinette hair with bun in the back and has a quiet beauty about her. She is 18" tall but is small in stature, (head and body are delicate). She is firmly stuffed with cotton, she does sit but bends at the waist. She is wearing a camisole and a blue and white polka dot dress both are in keeping with her age but not original and a crocheted antique bonnet. She is circa 1880-90.
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1900 item #1387048 (stock #1923)
This lovely painted face cloth doll has a shyness about her. Her eyes are really well painted and kind of talk to you. She has a very nice hand sewn body. Her face is framed with painted brownish red curls. She is all original including the paint on her face. She does have some thinning of the paint and a little loss but nothing serious. The back of her head is another story...
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : China : Pre 1900 item #1386920 (stock #1921)
A very nice china head doll with the best early original exquisite clothes. She has a cloth body and china arms and legs. She has one missing hand but other than that she is all original and very nice. She is 10 1/2" and is circa 1890.
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1910 item #1386865 (stock #1918)
This sweet little pathetic doll, she has a old replaced arm, one leg shorter than the other, her face so dark the features don't show anymore but I think she is charming. I like her dressed and undressed. She is as found with all kinds of mends and holes and is perfectly wonderful. 18" tall and circa 1890-1900
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1900 item #1386793 (stock #1914)
This is a wonderful cloth doll with a naïve nicely painted face, no in painting except a little on the back of her head. She has big brown eyes, rosy cheeks and a rose bud mouth. She has a firmly stuffed cloth body with attached arms and legs and has jointed knees. She has on a hand sewn blue polka dot dress that fits her perfectly and may be original and a white petticoat the is a little tight around her waist and is not original but does the trick...
All Items : Dolls : Doll Houses and Miniatures : Rooms and Shops : Pre 1900 item #1386661 (stock #1911)
This is an early antique doll Apothecary made in the mid to late 1800's. It is in very good condition. The paint is a very dark green to black depending on the light. All the drawers work, doors open, glass looks original. There are lots of accessories set out and more in the drawers. It is 30 1/2" across by 15" high at the highest point, and 16 1/2" deep. It is painted back around the exterior. I love the original painted floor. Circa 1880'.
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Pre 1900 item #1386127 (stock #1909)
This is a very nice pen wipe black doll made with a wishbone. She has layers of flannel skirts with wish bone legs wrapped with black cloth. She is 3" tall with an embroidered face and knotted black yarn hair. On the front of her she has a sticker that reads, Wipe your pen on me. She is in excellent condition, no one ever used her, 3" tall and circa 1880.
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1900 item #1385800 (stock #1902)
This doll has a dynamic face with bright blue eyes and long eyelashes. She has great hands with lovely long fingers and thumbs. She is uncomplicated all one piece of fabric in back and in front...
All Items : Dolls : Antique Dolls : Cloth : Pre 1900 item #1385734 (stock #1897)
One of the finest Sunday going to meeting dolls, wearing her best dress and looking great. She has a stunning embroidered face with detail done with a skilled hand even shading her eyes with black and gray thread. She has astrakhan hair that actually goes around and in front of her applied ears. You know how much I like dolls with ears. She has hands with stitched defined fingers and separate thumbs. Her body is all original with attached arms and legs and jointed knees. She has the modified hou...